Drainage and waterproofing of basement foundations

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Drainage and waterproofing of foundations. Moisture in basements has become a major concern for homeowners since we became aware of the potential consequences of mold in homes on the health of occupants.

Old porous concrete foundations, the absence of waterproof coating and the absence of functional drainage in the ground are often singled out as causes of the problem. But homes built in the 90s are not immune to moisture problems, as foundation waterproofing is often sloppy in new construction. Here’s what to look out for when planning and carrying out this work.

Drainage: the role of the foundation drain.

We must first remember that the role of the foundation drain is to remove the water pressure on the foundations. If there is an accumulation of water in the ground, water pressure is created on the foundations which promotes water infiltration. However, the absence of a drain does not automatically create a humidity problem. The majority of existing homes are no longer equipped with a functional drain and yet the problems of excessive mold in the basements remain very few cases. The slopes of the land, the type of soil, the depth of the foundations, the presence of a water-repellent coating, the quality of the concrete are all very important factors that contribute to keeping the foundations dry.

Improperly installed drains.

Many foundation drains are installed incorrectly and are not effective in removing water pressure in the ground. This results in problems of water infiltration, humidity and mold in basements. The drain is often too high and simply does not do its job of draining. To be effective, the top of the drain must be located below the level of the underside of the concrete slab. Otherwise, groundwater can rise and wet the floor before the drain begins to do its draining job.

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