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Is your website facing crippling periods of downtime? If yes, then are you finding the solution to this or avoiding it? Let us make you aware of something here! With businesses of all sizes getting dependent on technology, the notion of uptime has been becoming more and more crucial. Web business owners are seeking the most advanced hosting services and technologies that are developed for attaining a maximum uptime network. 

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To make you better comprehend the significance of uptime, we will highlight what uptime is and the benefits it serves. Moreover, you will also get insights into Serverwala VPS Vietnam that provides 99.9% uptime reliability. So, peep into the following segments right away to grasp the knowledge! 

What is Uptime, and why is it necessary?

In simple words, uptime can be defined as the measure of time for which your website remains online or your server perfectly functions in a certain period. The uptime is usually estimated in percentage. Moreover, instead of measuring the uptime, many web businesses take count of downtime. Downtime is exactly the opposite of what uptime is. It is referred to as the time for which the website goes offline in a certain period. 

For instance, suppose your website was online for say 99.9% of the total hours in the year, you can infer that your website encountered 0.1% downtime and acquired 99.9% uptime for that particular year. You can find this example deal exciting. However, in reality, even the downtime of 0.1% is not acceptable by many web businesses due to the advancing technology. They attempt to avoid all the consequences of downtime and thus, seek the hosting servers rendering the uptime of at least 99.9%. 

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Following mentioned are the consequences of downtime that explain why uptime is so vital for a website  –

  • The web users do not wait for more than 3-4 seconds for a website to load and thus, even seconds of downtime can make you lose your potential customers. 
  • Since a website is the front face of your business, frequent downtime can affect the reputation of your web business and lead your customers to doubt your company’s integrity.  
  • Downtime also turns out costly as it makes you lose your customers and the opportunities to earn more profits. 
  • Further, the major consequence of downtime is it takes your earned customers to your competitors. That is because, when your website is not available, users often research and reach out to other business websites that offer similar products or services as you do. 
  • Furthermore, up to a certain extent, the uptime determines the SEO ranking of your website. That is because no search engines prefer to give results of their users’ keyword search with the web pages that are offline. 

Get 99.9% Uptime with Serverwala’s Vietnam VPS

With the development of virtualization technology, more and more website owners are switching to VPS Vietnam. The reason behind this is that the virtual private server is capable of rendering the maximum possible uptime and lowest downtime at the most affordable costs. It lets you overcome all the shortcomings of the shared server that results in downtime of the website by providing the following privileges – 

  • Dedicated resources
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Independent and isolated hosting environment
  • Root access to the server
  • Customization power
  • High scalability 
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To ensure that you gain all the benefits of VPS Vietnam and employ it to the best of its capability, Serverwala Vietnam VPS hosting is your perfect choice. Server Wala is a top-notch, reliable, and highly renowned hosting company worldwide. The company renders the cheapest plans of virtual private servers with high-grade and intense hosting facilities. 

Why Serverwala’s VPS in Vietnam is the top pick amongst users?


Check out the features of Serverwala’s VPS Vietnam mentioned below. They will let you understand why it is the top pick amongst the high percentage of users.   

  • You will get round-the-clock technical assistance from the company’s trained experts, no matter which VPS hosting plan you pick. They will be available 24/7 for providing prompt responses to your queries and the most accessible solution in the least time possible. 
  • You will obtain the full root control of your virtual private server, which will further let you operate, configure, and customize your server based on your website’s necessities. 
  • Your website will also get ultra-secure firewalls along with other advanced security measures for complete data protection from DDoS attacks and various security threats.
  • The company will deliver secure networking and twenty times faster connectivity to your website with unlimited bandwidth. 
  • Most importantly, your website will acquire 99.99% uptime network assurance with the company’s VPS Vietnam. 

Final Words

Reach out to the Serverwala professionals now via your preferred communication channel to gather more details or resolve your queries if any. You will find them available on Whatsapp, Phone Call, Skype, Live Chat, and a few more other platforms. Also, you can visit the official and informational website of the company for the same – https://www.serverwala.com/vps-vietnam.

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Does Serverwala provide Fully Managed VPS Vietnam?

Yes, the Serverwala hosting company renders the fully managed and organized VPS Vietnam hosting services and facilities. Further, you will be provided with an easy-to-use platform and the rest company will manage while monitoring and instantly troubleshooting the issues.

Can I upgrade my existing plan with Serverwala?

All the company’s virtual private server hosting plans can be easily and quickly upgraded without disturbing the ongoing activities of your website.

Does Serverwala provide account migration?

Without a doubt, the Serverwala hosting company offers an easy account migration without any complexity.

Can I avail any discount on my Vietnam VPS Plan?

The company offers numerous discount offers from time to time. Thus, you will have one or the other discount option at a particular time with your VPS Vietnam plan.

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