7 Reasons to Buy an Electric Cars

Electric Car

Have you ever wondered why there aren’t more electric cars on the road? Many people believe that electric cars are nothing but hype, but in reality, they are one of the best ways to go green without breaking the bank or your commute. Here are seven reasons to buy an electric car that will make you want to ditch your gas-guzzler and go electric.

1) Emissions

Today, electric cars are slowly gaining popularity. But people still question whether they’re good for our environment. The answer is yes—electric cars emit no carbon dioxide, even when their electricity comes from fossil fuels because there’s no combustion in a car like Tesla’s Model S. And if you live in areas with clean sources of energy, your EV will have zero emissions! This means you can breathe easier and be good for both your health and our planet.

2) Gas Prices

Right now, gas prices are rising. For many, it’s not even a question of whether or not they should buy an electric car—it’s a question of when. An electric car might seem more expensive upfront, but with gas prices rising and green initiatives on everyone’s minds, what was once out of reach for some is now being considered by others.

3) Technology

There’s no denying that electric cars are superior from a technology standpoint. From their zero-emissions status to their extremely high fuel efficiency, electric cars do not leave much room for improvement. From a green perspective, they can be significantly better than conventional automobiles including some top navigation companies also. Additionally, they come with all of the latest bells and whistles of modern technology.

4) Health Concerns

First and foremost, electric cars have a much longer driving range than their gas-powered cousins. On average, they travel about 100 miles per charge—which, if you live in an urban area like San Francisco or New York City (where you’re probably spending most of your time anyway), is plenty for daily use.

5) Driving Range

Driving range, as defined by Consumer Reports, is the average distance a car can travel on a single charge under ideal conditions—typically 65-mph highway driving with the air conditioning off. The actual number of miles you can travel will vary greatly depending on your driving habits and how you use your car. Generally speaking, though, electric cars do offer longer driving ranges than traditional vehicles.

6) Tax Credits and Rebates

In many countries, electric cars are eligible for significant tax credits and rebates that make them substantially cheaper than their traditional gas-burning counterparts. In some areas, electric car owners may also be eligible for additional benefits like free parking or access to HOV lanes. Tax credits and rebates vary from country to country; if you live in a place with one of these programs in place, it’s worth doing a little research before purchasing an EV (or PHEV) so you can factor them into your final decision. The money saved will easily pay for itself over time in gas savings.

7) Convenience

Electric cars are a simple, plug-and-play alternative to gas guzzlers. There’s no need for fuel or oil changes, and maintenance is minimal: since electric motors have only one moving part, there’s less that can go wrong. For many drivers, it’s simply easier to own and maintain an electric car than a gas-powered one.