Strange programming languages

programming languages

When developers get bored with a standard serious programming language, they start coming up with new, more unusual, and interesting alternatives. Moreover, this business is not only fun but also useful. New technologies are here to develop!

Speaking specifically, the benefit of such exoticism lies in the fact that with its help programmers study the limits of the possibilities of languages ​​and hone their skills even more effectively. After all, strange languages ​​usually have a more complex syntax and therefore are understandable only to a small group of initiates.

Intrigued? Then let’s get to know them in more detail.


Creations in this category usually have eloquent names. Whitespace is no exception. In 2002, two comrades decided to create a language based solely on non-printable characters. The public then considered this venture just a joke, but the language was not only born but also gained a certain popularity. Meanwhile, Whitespace has never won an international calling.

Strange programming languages
Strange programming languages


A very funny programming language created for those who love to cook and want to learn how to program. It is similar to a culinary recipe and is built on the following principles:

  • the output generated by the code should not only be technically useful, but also tasty, easy to prepare;
  • recipes should be different on budget;
  • the code should act like regular code, but at the same time be edible.

Would you like to try the Hello World chocolate cake?


The names of the variables in Shakespeare coincide with the names of the characters in his texts. Their interaction takes place in scenes where input and output acts are carried out, questions are asked and answers are obtained. According to the rules, simultaneous work can be with no more than two Shakespearean characters.


You will be surprised, but this is a well-known and popular programming language, although it was created only for fun. BRAINFUCK consists of only these 8 characters:

  • +
  • ,
  • [
  • ]


And here you will see only one word – chicken. Apart from chicken, the code page does not contain any other characters. A Swedish developer created this language after a parody of D. Songker’s scientific papers.

OOK is built on the same principle, but it has 4 variations of this word:

  • Ook,
  • Ook !,
  • Ook.
  • Ook?

It was reported that this unique tool was created just like that to be available for use by orangutans. Yes, you got it right, and this is not humor.


If in the previous examples the algorithms of the languages ​​were very incomprehensible, then here they are quite standard. The only thing that distinguishes Intercal from its more serious brethren is small “surprises”. The irony is that it implies the use of completely useless words (which, by the way, many codes sinned in the early days of programming). For example, in some versions it is necessary to write “please” to the computer for each of the operations, otherwise, it will not perform them.


The simplest of our list of languages, because it simulates natural English. The free syntax is very convenient and gives the developer tremendous freedom of expression.


So, the moment has come when it is not at all laughing. The name is taken from Dante’s brilliant work “The Divine Comedy”, in which the word “Malbolge” was used to refer to the 8th circle of hell, in which the deceivers were. As you can see from the example, it is almost impossible to create even a simple program in this language. The funny thing is, most of the code written in Malbolge was created with other programs and trivial searches.

Strange programming languages
Strange programming languages

And the best part is that these are far from all the crazy and absurd languages ​​that you can use to write funny codes and train your brain!

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