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Discover new places, meet new people, taste exquisite food, and live new experiences in the mobile home of your dreams. Visit Trek and Trail for motors, generators, solar panels, batteries, brake controllers, wheels, and more!

Where Luxe Meets Adventure

As Australia’s largest premium supplier of caravan accessories, our team is committed to providing an extensive range of products of the highest quality, functionality, and durability.

Discovering love, joy, and happiness, not just in the destination but in the journey, is what we hope you achieve. Explore the great outdoors, and invest in a life of adventure where every day can be a thrilling road trip.

Australia is a massive expanse of beautiful natural landscapes, animated cities, and picturesque towns. It is never too late to start exploring it now!

What We Offer

Travel In Comfort And Style

If you are an adventurer or simply on the lookout for a quick getaway over the weekend, you are at the right place. Every caravan escapade needs the perfect caravan accessories and that is what we are here for. Whether you own a mobile home, we hope to make all your caravanning dreams come true. Let’s take a closer look at our collection!

Matos: Solar Panels, Roof Racks, and Tents

Matos is the future of camping. High mobility, weather-resistant, and long-lasting, the motors are easily stored on the roof of your vehicle, and road-tripping just got a lot easier. Enjoy the benefits of a mobile home from the backseat of your car!

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Generators and Inverters

A great power source that is highly portable and easy to use, inverter generators ensure reliability and consistency in the supply of energy on your travels. With this reliable source of energy on the road, fear blackouts no more!

Solar Panel and Accessories

Go green on all your adventures with solar panels so that the next generation can enjoy the outdoors too. From conserving battery life to powering home appliances, solar power is eco-friendly and a perfect power source on the road!

Electric Bikes

Foldable bikes with multiple speed settings, dual disc brakes, and adjustable seats paired with a kickstand, mudguards, and a rear rack, electric bikes have great torque, are lightweight, and enjoy high battery life. Embark on a biking adventure with our study, durable and weather-resistant bikes.

Electric Scooters

Lightweight, water-resistant and comfortable, electric scooters come with puncture-proof tires, bright headlights, dual anti-lock breaks, great mileage, and high climbing capacity. They fold and lock at the click of a button, making them portable and easy to carry with you on your travels.

Electricals and More

Our collection of picnic maps, bunk ladders, electric remotes, gas sensors, break switches, and portable controllers are nifty tools designed to make your travels as easy and convenient as possible.

Shop Now

At Trek and Trail, we help create and foster the authentic Australian traveling experience, an experience that is truly unlike any other. With our wide collection of caravan accessories and instant shipping across the country, what else can you ask for? Shop now at Trek and Trail. You will not be sorry.

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