SEO Starter Pack: Effective Guide for Beginners


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might be jargon that’s hard to comprehend or even apply to first-time entrepreneurs or website owners. However, surely, the word must have come up in their social media traffic once in a while. Some may even have used it without knowing they have.

In the ever-changing SEO environment, it is important to master the basics to keep up with the industry’s demand. As SEO improves a website’s visibility, greater reach and sales could be expected when done right.

What is SEO?

SEO is a marketing strategy that utilizes backlinks, keywords and phrases, and on- and off-page optimization to increase a website’s click-through rates and overall traffic. It has become a valuable part of online entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing. 

Since people search according to their needs, it is vital to pin which keywords are highly searched and which links could help build your profile to be more searchable. The more precise and accommodating your web content is, the easier it is for consumers to click through your products and services and avail themselves.

How does the algorithm work?

Google is mostly responsible for the search engine traffic worldwide and varies from one niche to the other. There are specific considerations that Google takes into account when ranking websites under different categories. These include the following:

  • High-quality content – this stays true to all websites, regardless of niche. High-quality content incorporates effective SEO keywords, hashtags, and backlinks. It shies away from redundant texts that might confuse readers and could get in the way of smooth traffic. Just like when looking through a case or a puzzle, you need to look for specific clues to piece out all the information together and come up with a conclusion. 
  • Loading speed – as Google crawls through the content of your website, it also analyzes its loading speed. This only pertains to the “user-friendliness” of your website and the amount of time it takes for the average user to access information on your website. It also takes into account whether or not your website could be well-utilized using mobile phones as well. 
  • Royalty-free images – in creating a visually appealing website, it is important to use royalty-free images so as not to cross any intellectual properties while building your name. You could also link relevant blogs and news to your photos when need be. High-quality images also help your website look classy and more trustworthy. It reflects the effort put into creating each segment of the page. 
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What should be considered for effective keyword searches?

Finding the perfect content for your website that could help you land into Google’s top 10 most searched sites could take a lot of brainstorming and revisions. You have to identify the appropriate keywords that consumers usually use when searching for products and services that are related to your business. The following are factors to consider:

  • Competition – analyze what worked and what didn’t with the strategies employed by your competitors. Most of the time, you could use them as a guide to improve your SEO and stay on top of the game. Learn the specific terms that they use in the industry and work your way from there. Pay close attention to how they use their demographics, social media accounts, and blogs to add more relevant traffic to their main website.
  • Search volume – this is used to gain information on how many people search certain keywords or phrases to get to the product or service they need. Of course, when analyzing search volumes, you would wish to employ the ones with the most number of counts that are relevant to your business. Remember, if no one is searching for a word you want to employ, you’ll find yourself facing an insurmountable wall sooner than later.
  • Content relevance – just because a word is well-searched doesn’t mean you should employ it on your website automatically. Filtering is still needed to optimize your web content. Use only the ones relevant to the products and services you offer in order not to confuse the traffic that’s coming to your main page. Remember, more keywords don’t mean more efficiency. Keep it concise and direct.
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Understand your consumer’s point of view when improving your SEO. Put yourself in their shoes and think of ways how to make their searching and shopping experience easier and more enjoyable than they could imagine. It’s that feeling of ease and trust that will bring consumers back to your website time and time again, so invest in that well. 

What are the best SEO tools to use?

SEO tools surely help make any entrepreneur’s online experience bearable and more productive. To date, countless SEO tools are proven to be highly effective in managing web content and media traffic. Some of these are as follows:

  • Spyfu 
  • Ahrefs 
  • MOZPro 
  • KWFinder 
  • Ubersuggest 
  • Majestic 
  • SEMRush
  • Google Trends 
  • Fat Rank 
  • Screaming Frog

These tools will not only help improve your click-through rates, but they will also provide you with great analytics to further develop your web content into a highly competitive landing page that every consumer could benefit from. It pays to research more about each of these tools to know which one would fit your business best. Once you do, there’s no stopping you from getting the revenue you dream of, with an efficient system that will back you up along the way. 

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