Here’s Why Health Experts Believe Outdoor Patio Shades Play a Critical Role in Battling Skin Cancer


“I can safely sunbathe in my yard – I have applied SPF 50.” – Many homeowners fall into the trap of believing that wearing SPF 50 eliminates all skin cancer risks. 

The truth is – whenever skin cells experience UV exposure, they thicken and darken. Applying and reapplying SPF lotion is good. But, it doesn’t guarantee 100% protection from sun damage.

According to a study published in Forbes – each decade, human skin picks up an additional 10% of damage due to sunlight exposure. The more we expose our skin cells to UV rays, the cumulative risks of developing different types of skin cancer increase significantly. 

Indeed, exposure to sunlight, even ultraviolet radiation, is good for the skin in some ways. For example, UV radiation B – an integral part of the sunlight we receive – aids the production of vitamin D precursors in skin cells. 

Healthy exposure to sunlight is also responsible for

  • Vitamin D Production: Vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin,” is vital for our immune systems. Skin cells produce large amounts of this vital vitamin when exposed to just 10 to 15 minutes of sunshine a day. 
  • Serotonin Release: Serotonin is a vital neurotransmitter that facilitates numerous psychological processes in the brain, such as mood control, sleep, memory, management, etc. Exposure to sunlight amplifies Serotonin production in the body. 
  • Disease Prevention: From skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema to mental ailments like depression or obsessive-compulsive disorders – exposure to the right amount of sunlight can prevent many diseases. 

Although sunbathing in your yard is beneficial, it’s important to note that it’s impossible to separate the beneficial effects of UV exposure from its harmful effects. 

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UV radiation is a known carcinogen. Doctors will never recommend intentional UV exposure to patients with Vitamin D deficiency. Overexposure to sunlight comes with risks like – 

  • Abnormal melanoma development leading to sunburns, skin cancer, etc. 
  • Eye damage; long-term exposure to UVB radiation can cause permanent retina damage
  • Immune system suppression
  • Muscular degeneration
  • Ocular melanoma 

The safest way to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits associated with sunlight exposure is by using outdoor patio shades

Outdoor sun shades are made of anti-sunlight and waterproof fabrics. They’re made from PVC roll-up shades and durable vinyl. These shades have woven looks that make them look classy. Plus, they come in various opacities and colors.

Homeowners can see through these sun shades if they only need partial opacity. Being outdoors should be therapeutic. These shades ensure that factors like soaring temperatures or UV rays don’t impact your outdoor experiences.

Here are some other key benefits of installing patio shades – 

  • Blocks Harmful UV Rays: Patio shades drastically reduce the number of harmful UV rays that make it inside the property. Homeowners can enjoy their outdoor spaces throughout the year. 
  • Outside Views: High-quality exterior shades come in a variety of materials, colors, and opacities. Although they provide complete protection from the sun’s UV rays, the materials are still translucent enough to allow homeowners to enjoy the outside views. 
  • Aesthetic Boost: Homeowners can pick specific configurations, designs, and styles. Their patio shades can give their outdoor spaces aesthetic boosts. 

Want to relax outdoors with your friends and family without worrying about skin damage or skin cancers? Use customizable patio shades! 

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