What are the top tips shared by a pulmonologist to manage COVID-19 at home?


The 3rd wave of COVID is still expected to come and in that case, we all have to take care of ourselves. We all have seen how the second wave has affected everyone’s life so it is better to be cautious beforehand. We have shared some of the top tips given by the best Pulmonologist in Punjab to tackle the COVID-19 at home. It is the view of the best Chest specialist in Ludhiana that following the given necessary measures can make a lot of difference in your overall health.

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What are the topmost tips for the patients who are home quarantined?

  • The patient’s 16 day quarantine period will start once the patient has tested positive for COVID.
  • Once the patient has tested for COVID, the rest of the family members or person living with him/her should get the test done after 5 days.
  • The patient has to be in a separate room where there is proper air and ventilation system. In addition, it is best to have that room where there is a separate washroom.
  • Make sure that the patient is monitoring the temperature regularly along with the oxygen level at least every 6 hours.
  • During this time, there is no need to get involved in any kind of strenuous regime which can affect the condition. Just practice the breathing exercise your doctor has asked you to do so.
  • Patients should not directly get the food or any other essentials. Keep a separate stool in your room and from there you should get the necessary stuff which is kept by others.
  • In addition, the laundry should be kept separately and it is better that you wash it on your own if possible.
  • The diet should be light and it should contain all the essential nutrients & food items which can help you feel good. Make sure that you have more seasonal fruits and include coconut water in your diet. You can also have lemon water.
  • If you feel irritation in the throat then you should have saline or lukewarm water which will help you feel relaxed.
  • Every day the symptom will vary so make sure that you rest properly and give your body enough time to heal. In case you notice any symptom that is getting worse then you have to consult the doctor.
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But make sure that you are not emotionally dealing with it alone. Spend your time meditating or listening to music & reading books. Do video calls or stay in touch with your loved ones. This way this hard time will pass without any difficulty.

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