Realizing Process Control Quality with the Watlow F4T

Watlow F4T

Watlow has continued to be the go-to provider when it comes to top-notch process controllers with the F4T integrated controller being one of the company’s most popular choices. Because it combines easy, intuitive control screens, a robust interface grid for easy connection, and the ability to configure for different system demands and criteria, the F4T ends up being the standard most companies and industrial plants compare to when looking at other alternatives. And the field is sparse for options that can compare or exceed what the Watlow F4T process controller provides.

The Watlow F4T has been part of a continuous track of development and improvement as well. The latest version of the unit includes additional communication features such as automated email or text alerts once programmed with an address and connected to a network. The feature can be set up so that various alarm types can be included in a specific profile, allowing notices to be segmented to the personnel who need to know the information the most and can act on it. Typical alerts include systems issues, analog input errors, limit conditions being reached, process or workflow concerns and alarms, and similar.

Connecting to a network is entirely doable and simple with the current F4T build as well. The Watlow product comes with a set of swappable I/O module components that allow compatibility from one network to the next, depending on where the F4T will be installed and used. This ease of connection makes the process controller ideal when a system management team needs to work with multiple network connection types versus just one generic standard.

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The flexibility of how the Watlow F4T can be installed and used is also one of its greatest benefits. The Watlow process controller can be easily configured for a variety of equipment and network types as well as matching it to specific hardware requirements. Because of its graphical interface screen, it can be used entirely without a keypad or with a more traditional analog approach. The 4.3-inch screen is easy to see, and the entire physical assembly of the F4T is built for rugged use and industrial environments. It’s not a surprise that the Watlow F4Twins best in its class repeatedly.

In terms of durability, there are no worries with installing the F4T in hard conditions. The physical shell and internal components are heat-rated up to 50 degrees Celsius and down to negative 18 degrees cold, more than capable of handling different industrial settings. The screen itself is also protected, scoring a NEMA 4X/IP65 rating for its protection performance. Additionally, the LED lighting is long-lasting, up to 50,000 hours of life before needing a bulb replacement. And, just in case, the overall controller itself is warranted for up to 3 years of use after purchase.

In addition to all the communication capability, the Watlow F4T also provides convenient data logging upgrading and it will work with subsequent firmware updates down the road as they become available as well.

To find out more about how the Watlow F4T can work with your systems, Seagate Controls specialists are the best place to start. Because Seagate Controls provides a direct connection to Watlow products, our specialists are also able to assist with model selection guidance, installation, and support. Both with maintenance and downstream changes, our specialists continue to help Seagate Controls customers regularly, completing the quality delivery with Watlow products and their benchmark performance.

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