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According to official records, Cinemark was founded as early as 1977. But many patrons remember these cinemas only appearing by 1983 or 1984. That doesn’t matter now. What matters more to many people is that Cinemark theatres are mostly in malls, which makes them conveniently located.

The prices are comparatively high, but the services and technologies make a visit here worthwhile. You’ll know you’re in for a great time when you enter the theatres and bask in the Art Deco interior design. For more details visit Cinemark Ticket Prices‘ official website.

Below are the estimated Cinemark ticket prices for 2022.


Morning Showtimes

Adult – Standard – Morning$4.25
Child (1-11) – Standard – Morning$4.25
Senior (62+) – Standard – Morning$4.25
Student – Standard – Morning$4.25

Noon Showtimes

Adult – Standard – Noon$4.75
Child (1-11) – Standard – Noon$4.50
Senior (62+) – Standard – Noon$4.75
RealD 3D

Morning Showtimes

Adult – RealD 3D – Morning$6.50
Child (1-11) – RealD 3D – Morning$6.50
Senior (62+) – RealD 3D – Morning$6.50

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult – RealD 3D – Afternoon and Evening$9.00
Child (1-11) – RealD 3D – Afternoon and Evening$6.75
Senior (62+) – RealD 3D – Afternoon and Evening$7.00
Student – RealD 3D – Afternoon and Evening$7.00

Afternoon Showtimes

Adult – D-Box – Afternoon$11.00
Child (1-11) – D-Box – Afternoon$9.50
Senior (62+) – D-Box – Afternoon$9.75
Student – D-Box – Afternoon$9.75

Evening Showtimes

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Adult – D-Box – Evening$11.75
Child (1-11) – D-Box – Evening$9.50
Senior (62+) – D-Box – Evening$9.75
Student – D-Box – Evening$9.75
RealD 3D and D-Box

Noon Showtimes

Adult – RealD 3D andD-Box – Noon$12.00
Child (1-11) – RealD 3D andD-Box – Noon$11.75
Senior (62+) – RealD 3D andD-Box – Noon$12.00

Evening showtimes

Adult – RealD 3D andD-Box – Evening$14.00
Child (1-11) – RealD 3D andD-Box – Evening$11.75
Senior (62+) – RealD 3D andD-Box – Evening$10.50
Student – RealD 3D andD-Box – Evening$12.00


Online seat reservation is available, though you can still line up for tickets if you’re more the old-school type. Just keep in mind that however you secure your tickets, they will still cost the same. You may also pick your seats. Once you get to the theatre, employees can guide you to your seats.

These theatres are so spacious that they feel like modern stadiums. The HD screen is huge, and the sound system is so pure that you’d suspect Cinemark to have worked with finicky audiophiles to get the audio to this level.


These theatres are super-clean, with plenty of space even with a full house. The seats can recline fully, and the feel of these seats is heavenly. Cup holders and armrests are large for more space. There’s ample legroom and even an available footrest.

The movies shown in Cinemark theatres are generally mainstream Hollywood blockbusters. But now and then, you’re also treated to art house films to broaden your horizons.

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To find a Cinemark near your location, visit their official website.


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