Promise Rings: All You Need to Know

Promise Rings

It’s become a growing trend among couples to exchange promise rings when they’re serious about their relationship. It’s a romantic gesture that’s been seen in different media and different genres.

Despite its popularity, however, many questions remain concerning these rings. For example, what do promise rings mean? How do you know when to give them to your partner? Does getting a promise ring mean you’ll be engaged soon?

The symbol of a ring alone means that there’s a promise indeed. But what kind of promise does a promise ring have for a couple?

We hope to answer your questions below in this article.

What Does a Promise Ring Signify?

Promise rings are especially popular among couples in cohabitation. There’s a chance that they don’t have immediate marriage plans. They may also not intend to marry at all. As such, promise rings are a physical sign of how serious the couple is about their relationship.

For them, it goes beyond dating, but a commitment to each other. It’s a meaningful relationship without any legal or religious procedures.

That said, it symbolizes their fidelity and devotion to each other whether they’re the giver or receiver. Though this is the typical promise exchanged, a promise ring can have a unique meaning depending on the couple.

If the couple does intend to marry, promise rings can be worn as pre-engagement rings as well.

What is the History of Promise Rings?

Wearing a ring to express loyalty goes back to ancient times. For example, a betrothal ring was worn in ancient Rome by couples who wanted to get married. People in ancient Greece also wore special rings to remind them of their beloved partners.

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The custom wasn’t limited to the west. Ancient Egyptians wove reed or leather into rings. Lovers exchanged these rings as what we know now as promise rings.

In the 16th century, the posy ring was a promise ring popular in England and France. Between lovers, this ring was exchanged containing engravings of romantic poems. 

During the Georgian and Victorian eras, rings with colored gemstones became popular. This is because they spelled out meaningful words. For example, setting stones like jade, amethyst, diamond, opal, ruby, and emerald can spell out “J’adore”. It means “I love you” in French. These rings were called “acrostic rings”.

Promise rings have become popular again nowadays because of celebrities exchanging them. The publicity re-ignited the idea between serious couples to exchange these rings once more.

Which Finger Wears the Promise Ring?

There’s no “correct” finger or hand that should wear a promise ring. It can be worn on any finger or hand. You can wear it on whichever finger feels most comfortable for you. 

Some people prefer wearing it on their left ring fingers. Meanwhile, some wear it on the right ring finger to avoid confusing it with the engagement ring. As stated earlier, not everyone who wears a promise ring intends to get married.

If you’re uncomfortable wearing the ring on your fingers at all but want to carry it around, you can turn it into a necklace. It can hang around your neck if that’s more comfortable for you. Necklaces are also meaningful pieces of jewelry if the trinket has a certain message. What’s important is the ring’s significance to you and your partner.

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What is a Promise Ring’s Price Range?

There are no specific spending rules when it comes to engagement rings and jewelry in general. A simple yet elegant ring made of gold or sterling silver may cost a few hundred dollars. However, if gemstones are involved, the ring’s price can skyrocket up to thousands of dollars.

The metal, gemstone, and style can influence the ring’s price. What kind of metal will you use? If it’s gold, how pure will it be? If you intend to set gemstones, what kind will you prefer? Diamonds are most commonly used in almost any piece of jewelry. But they can be pricey depending on how they satisfy the four Cs.

You may be able to avoid spending too much if you opt for lab-grown diamonds instead of mined ones. The way they’re made simulates the process of how nature makes mined diamonds. But with lab-grown diamonds, there’s less damage to nature and miners aren’t in as much danger.

In other words, the costs for lab-grown diamonds aren’t as much as mined ones, but they’re just as authentic.

In general, spend as much as you think is appropriate for your promise ring. It’s the meaning and promise behind it that matters most.

 Can You Still Wear a Promise Ring After Engagement?

Promise Rings

There’s no issue with wearing your promise ring after your engagement. You can simply move the promise ring to a different finger upon your engagement. 

Some people have the ring entirely made into a different piece of jewelry as well. However, this is something that you’ll need to talk to your partner about. Even if it’s their gift, it wouldn’t hurt to be more considerate of how they’d feel towards your treatment of their gift.

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How Do You Give a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is by no means a surprise gift. It takes serious consideration for a couple to get a promise ring. It’s not like an engagement ring but it signifies a relationship that’s just as devoted. The two of you will need to talk it out first. What is the promise you’ll make? What does the ring mean to you?

Turning the ring into a surprise gift might be misinterpreted as a proposal. If your partner isn’t ready, it might cause a misunderstanding and bitterness between you. It’ll only ruin the moment. That said, giving a promise ring doesn’t have to be an elaborate event.

Your partner’s birthday or Valentine’s Day makes excellent days to give them the ring. You can prepare a date or maybe a candle-lit dinner on your anniversary. Turn the day into a special moment for you and your beloved partner.


Promise rings have a long history all over the world. They’re not as prestigious as engagement rings. But they proved to be just as meaningful, especially nowadays when marriage isn’t considered a requirement for couples.

As it is with any jewelry, there are no specific rules for promise rings. It doesn’t need to be laden with diamonds. The metal doesn’t need to be the purest gold. The style doesn’t need to be extravagant. You can wear it on any finger in any hand. You can even have the ring dangle like a necklace around your neck.

If you do get engaged, you can still wear the ring or have it re-made into a different piece of jewelry, like diamond studs. What’s important is the significance of the ring to you and your partner.

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