Pakistan Bans TikTok, Citing Morals Plus Cite Politics

TikTok Banned

Capital City, Pakistan: Pakistan has become the latest country in the list of countries that ban TikTok. A Chinese-owned social media platform Tik Tok, a move critics say has done as much damage to politics as it has to immoral content.

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The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority said in a statement on Friday that it was banning tick-tock given the number of complaints against immoral/uncivilized content from various sections of society. He said he had already notified the company of complaints about its content, but Tick Tick’s management did not address their concerns.

The regulator said it was open to discussions with the company “under a satisfactory procedure for moderating illegal content through Tactic.”

Byte Dance, a Chinese company owned by Tik Tok, has said it is committed to complying with the law and has regular contact with Pakistani regulators. “We look forward to reaching a conclusion that will help the country’s dynamic and creative community service online,” it said in a statement.

The Tik Tok App, with its synced lips and Mimi Heavy videos, is being criticized by governments around the world for a variety of reasons.

Tick Tick has occasionally faced restrictions on public decency in places such as Indonesia and Bangladesh, as well as pressure on the United States and elsewhere to protect the privacy and content of its young users.

On the face of it, Pakistan is objecting to the Tick Tick Center on its potential impact on society. According to the government, tick talk fans in Pakistan, like those used elsewhere, have about 20 million active monthly subscribers, citing company statistics, from self-dance numbers to society, politics, and daily life. Make videos about ecology.

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Many analysts and journalists say the ban serves a dual purpose: to eliminate the Conservatives and stop Mr. Khan’s handling of the economy, rising inflation, and criticism of his tough stance against political rivals.

The Thoughts and Possible Solution

It is up to you to decide whether it is right to ban Tik Tok or not. Tik Tok will be banned based on immoral videos, a simple question is: what action has been taken against the makers of immoral videos?

Because people who add such content to social media sites and apps will find another site where they can do it when the Tik Tok closes. Strict action and punishment against those who make immoral videos are necessary to solve the problem properly.

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