Ovarian cysts: all you need to know

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What is an ovarian cyst:

Ovarian cysts are liquid-filled bags present within the ovaries in a female body. Ovarian cysts are commonly found amongst many women, and some of them are harmless that go away after some time, even without treatment. However, some last longer and can become dangerous over time.

Symptoms of ovarian cysts include:

  • Your pelvic area begins to hurt; this is known as pelvic pain.
  • Fever may occur accompanied by pain or vomiting.
  • Heaviness can be felt in your stomach/ abdomen area.
  • Bloating starts to emerge.

Causes of ovarian cysts:

Function cysts.

 Every month, the ovaries usually grow a follicle, which has a similar structure to cysts. These follicles make estrogen and progesterone hormones and let out an egg during your ovulation period. If this follicle grows in size, it becomes a functional cyst. There are two types of functional cysts: a follicular cyst and the other is a corpus luteum cyst. Usually, functional cysts are not harmful or painful and typically go away on their own over time once two or three menstrual cycles come to an end. Other cysts also tend to occur, but they are not very harmful such as dermoid cysts that are rarely cancerous.

Hormonal issues.

By taking the medicine Clomid for fertility to aid you in ovulation can increase the chances of an ovarian cyst.


the cyst that begins to occur as a result of ovulation may stay on it during your pregnancy which can cause issues with the pregnancy as a result.

A serious pelvic infection.

A pelvic disease can result in this infection spreading towards your ovaries and forming a cyst on them as a consequence.

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Cells that are inside the uterus tend to grow outside of it as well. By doing so, they can attach themselves to your ovary and result in a cyst being formed.

Ovarian cyst history.

An individual who has had an account with an ovarian cyst meaning they have already had one previously, then the chances of them getting another one is higher than those who have not one formerly.

Diagnosis of ovarian cyst:

Pregnancy tests

If your pregnancy test is positive, then there is a likely chance that you have a corpus luteum cyst. In this case, you can follow up with your doctor about it for more clarity on the matter.


You can get an ultrasound done for your pelvic, allowing the doctor to examine your uterus and ovaries.


Your doctor inserts a thin instrument into your belly, which has a camera attached that allows the doctor to check for any ovarian cysts and remove them.

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