Is It Safe Laying on Your Stomach While Sleeping During Pregnancy?


All of us have our preferred sleeping style. Some like to sleep on their stomach, while a few prefer sleeping on their sides. Sleeping in the desired position helps one to get a delightful sleep and relax their nerves and muscles. How it will feel to you when someone told you that your sleeping position is not suitable for you? This can be certain as some sleeping positions can block your pathway to breath or can put stress on some specific group of muscles.

As a female, pregnancy can be the best as well as the hardest part of your life. Due to the changing trends of society, many women or couples don’t want to have a baby. But for those who want to have one, it might be the most exciting part of life. But someone cannot get pregnant despite their hard will. This might be due to several issues. But this is not a big problem due to modern-day technology. Female infertility treatment is now available in every part of the world.

You can take this treatment and can have a baby of your own. But the job is not done after getting pregnant. In actuality, the main journey starts from here. You have to follow a different routine after that. From diet to sleeping position everything has to change after getting pregnant.

Role of Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Sleeping position is one of the main things to be concerned about during pregnancy. Following are some sleeping postures and their effects on pregnancy.

Sleep on Stomach

Sleeping on the stomach is a habit of many people. It is believed that sleeping on the stomach might cause various problems during pregnancy. But this is not true as there is no scientific evidence that supports this idea.

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There is no medical report that suggests that sleeping on the stomach can cause any harm to pregnancy during the early weeks. But this is only for the early weeks only as it becomes quite difficult to sleep on your stomach after 5 to 6 months as your baby-containing belly will not allow you to sleep with your backside upward.

But there are certainly other issues as well that are associated with sleeping on the stomach. It can cause various problems in your neck and shoulder muscles. Stiffness, pain, and sour muscles are the most common things. Pain in the lower back and pelvic muscles can also be observed and this is most common during the pregnancy.

There is no specific damage to you or your baby while sleeping on your stomach. But to prevent pain and sleepless nights you should avoid sleeping like this.

Sleeping on the Left Side

Sleeping on the left side is considered an ideal position to sleep in during pregnancy. It does not depend upon the ease you get while sleeping on your stomach. It is basically about the circulation of blood. Sleeping on the left side provides a maximum flow of blood.

Inferior vena cava is a large vein that runs parallel to the spine. The purpose of this vein is to carry deoxygenated blood from the lower body and then back to the body from the right side of the heart that is oxygenated.

So sleeping in this position can provide a maximum supply of blood to the heart and kidneys. It also provides a huge amount of nutrients to the developing fetus.

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Sleeping on the Right Side

Earlier, it was believed that sleeping continuously on the right side during pregnancy can increase the chances of stillbirth. This might lead to many other issues as well. There is a reason behind this stillbirth rate.

Sleeping on the right side especially during the late stages of pregnancy can lead to the compression of blood transporting veins. But recent research shows that sleeping on either side is completely safe during pregnancy.

The Takeaway

To conclude, sleeping on the stomach or any other position causes no harm to the child or mother during pregnancy. Having said that, you just have to avoid sleeping continuously on one side during the last stages. If your problem is other than sleeping position, then taking an IVF treatment in Lahore can solve your issues.