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Any company, no doubt, runs a spam check of its business domains quite often. However, the essence of how domain reputation check functions may remain a mystery. And so may the question of why it’s so important in b2b. To help users understand all that the present article was written. We need to take care of your being aware of how everything in b2b works. Our spam email checker provides Folder with an opportunity to help b2b businesses get rid of domain reputation issues. But we’d also like to provide Folderly’s audience with some useful information. The latter concerns what domain reputation is and what its importance is based on. Any cold b2b email campaign with a spam test behind it yields good results. But the greatest ones are achieved when marketers are armed with the knowledge of how b2b key aspects function.

In short, domain reputation can be characterized as how a company’s ESP sees each of its domains. Assessing one’s domain reputation, ESP look at:

  • whether a user sends any messages to non-existent and invalid e-addresses; 
  • whether users ever complain about your activities to their ESPs; 
  • whether one’s domain’s an authenticated one etc. 

So, let’s dive into the matter without any delay!

No delivery for what you send? Run a test to eliminate spam addresses on your contact lists

A company in the middle of a b2b campaign has to care about where they send emails. When users test domains for issues, spam  or invalid addresses are often found on their contact lists. The thing is, a lot of domain owners often don’t even realize they send their messages to invalid servers. That’s because they prove a little bit lazy to look through their contact lists and eliminate non-existent addresses. In fact, such issues can easily become non-existent themselves when a reliable email delivery test is used. One of the greatest applications in this sphere is that by Folder. Lots of b2b businesses see up to 90% ROI increase thanks to it. So, what can be done to get rid of unwanted contacts on your address lists?

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1) Due to many reviews, Folderly is the best website to check email deliverability and domain health. Our software easily reveals any user’s having sent emails to invalid servers. 

2) Apparently, unintentional sending messages to nowhere drags domain reputation down. But what can keep it pure? Of course, it’s authenticating one’s account which his domains are tied to. Contact your ESP and provide all the necessary data proving you’re far from being a spammer.

Send a lot? Run a test to monitor spam complaints

Not only sending to invalid and non-existent servers harms domain reputation. As usual, when running a test, don’t look at email delivery rate only. Pay close attention to what makes it too low, if it’s like this. And to always reveal annoying deliverability or domain-related issues, one doesn’t have to look far. All it takes to be able to monitor the situation at any time is becoming a Folder client. Each of our clients has a great opportunity to enjoy the software for testing deliverability and assessing domain health. Folderly’s applications are sure to give a company edge in generating b2b leads. Nothing is surprising about it for Folder is a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins’. 

So, another domain reputation related issue can be spam complaints towards you. They are often caused by someone’s having irritated this or that recipient. That’s why it’s always necessary to keep a distance while running a cold campaign based on emailing. Prospects aren’t the same as your trusting and loyal clients. They won’t think twice before sending a spam complaint if some marketer gets too pushy. One doesn’t work with a firm that only wants his money and doesn’t even hide it. 

Get authenticated and send safely: use Folderly’s test, resemble a spam sender no more

Being an authenticated sender can be compared to hiding your identity while talking to someone. There are hardly b2b sales leads who’d appreciate it if they got emails from an anonymous sender. Surely, now it’s perfectly understandable why ESPs take all possible measures to protect their clients from such users. Any ESP will by no means let spammers act unpunished on his own territory. That’s why any provider has a great number of tools for authenticating every incoming e-letter. That’s done to find out if the sender domain is owned by legitimate users or not. Among operations carried out by an ESP is DNS record scanning. Why is it important to scan DNS records? They include info on the domain plus the latter’s mail processing guidelines. A user caring about his domain health sees to it that the receiving server is instructed on several things:

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-how this user’s e-letters can be authenticated;

-what to do in case the emails fail to be authenticated right. 

What happens if some domain is unable to instruct the receiving servers in an above-described way? Of course, such a domain’s reputation goes down. Thus, make sure that everyone’s aware of your being a legitimate sender.

An email spam check to reveal the truth: is deliverability affected by domain rep issues? 

It’s only natural if you’ll double caring about domain health and reputation after reading the article. No b2b sale lead is to spare when a campaign’s success is at stake. But does the state of domain health influence deliverability in any way? Let’s try to answer this question. 

The lower some domain’s reputation is, the higher chances to get bounced are. As a result, an account will have a lower email delivery rate but the number of spam complaints towards it will rise. On the contrary, users keeping the reputation of their domains high enjoy a great rate of interaction with their messages. There are some pieces of advice to follow:

-better not make recipients complain about you. On the contrary, what’s to be done is to eliminate any reason for them to do this. Thus, see to it that your emails’ content doesn’t mislead recipients but positively grab their attention;

-make sure that users don’t experience difficulties in authenticating you as a sender. Any user not wanting trouble with the ESP should let his recipient easily look through the DNS records. Plus, all possible transparency mechanisms should be implemented;

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-and of course, the pace of one’s campaign should be kept steady and stable. 

Improving domain reputation: what to implement after running an email spam check

There’s no need for worrying: Folderly’s deliverability-domain reputation-spam checker will reveal issues. Email campaigns suffering from low domain reputation require some additional measures, though. So, what can those measures be? 

-looking active. The beginning of an end is when mailboxes are let sink into stagnation. No mailbox should be let to accumulate piles of unread and irrelevant emails. A good way to make an email account look alive is to daily do email sorting and read all incoming e-letters;

-staying away from implementing not-apparent opt-ins. This means letting users choose whether they want to get newsletters, not automatically subscribe to them without their consent. That’s not the way b2b marketing should be. What’s valued in b2b is making everything as transparent for clients as possible;

-validating those subscribed to you. Don’t bail on validation tools. They are sure to prove irreplaceable when cleaning contact lists from non-existent addresses and inactive users. No time to do it on your own? Folder has lots of experts with the greatest experience in such matters;

-not using shortened links. “What’s the problem with them?” many will probably ask. The answer is this: short links are popular among spammers and not without a reason. As a result, spam filters often get angry with short URLs in emails.  

Concluding on how to help domain reputation besides running an email spam check 

So, let’s provide a short conclusion on everything said above. Definitely, domain reputation check stands next to deliverability among the most important b2b aspects. We’ve provided you with the most necessary information. However, becoming a Folder client will make you feel confident and protected like never before. Why not subscribe now?

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