Operation of the Sartorius moisture analyzer in the laboratory

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 It is understood that the difference between one and the other result is the humidity level. Referring to this, the moisture analyzer in laboratories is composed of a balance and a heating unit. 

In addition, the proportion and practical use based on the functionality of the Sartorius Moisture Analyzersprovides a beneficial technique, to certify accurate sample processing and management.

Features of Moisture and Control Analyzers in Handling

To determine the water content of the samples, depending on the characteristics of the functions of the equipment, as well as the maintenance inputs, the wear that can occur during the stages is provided. 

And according to this, the characteristics are displayed with their maintenance contributions, which are:

  • Check for damage from the computer cover and check the condition of the packaging. Because these seal the cell and prevent the entry of moisture from the environment. Typically, the most easily damaged consumable is the septum for sample injections, so preventative maintenance should be performed.
  • It is necessary to keep the electrodes clean so that they do not interfere with the mechanisms. 
  • Change the dosing tip of the interchangeable unit regularly as it can wear out over time.
  • Verify that the interchangeable unit is still properly armed.
  • Check the condition of the pipes. 
  • Adjust the valve whenever necessary to avoid bubbles in the system which can cause determination errors.
  • Clean up any kind of Karl Fischer reagent spills or splashes, this not only permanently stains the equipment but can also cause damage to it
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Operation of the Sartorius moisture analyzer in the laboratory

In addition, according to the recommendations, the residues must not affect the mechanism of the equipment, which makes it possible to optimize the safety of the measurements and the gas leaks which endanger the operator.

 Benefits of Moisture Analyzer Maintenance

The inappropriate use of the humidity Sartorius Moisture Analyzers can have unfavorable results, both in the results of the studies and in the handling of the equipment, which would lead to the application of preventive maintenance systems, in favor of the service life equipment; the following recommendations are therefore advantageous:

  • Prevention and early detection of failures can increase the life of individual components and equipment as a whole by up to 30%.
  • A preventive maintenance plan, offset by production progress and time savings.
  • Better control and good planning are achieved, by regularly monitoring the actual operating conditions of the equipment, you can prevent unexpected events.
  • Reduce repair wait times. 

Thanks to the implementation of the various preventive measures, the importance in the development of the maintenance of the humidity analyzers makes it possible to reduce the unexpected repairs which have an impact on the productivity.

Importance of Moisture Analyzers in Laboratories

The importance ofSartorius Moisture Analyzersin the lab, grows from calibrating instruments, and measuring values to be delivered in percentages, so you need some material samples with a percentage humidity, and covering the typical measurement range of the application you want. 

As a result, the measurement methods applied in laboratories have advantages, which are: 

  • It is extremely accurate.
  • Independent measurement of density and volume.
  • The measurement is independent of optical factors such as color, structure and surface shape of the product.  
  • Determination of humidity on the surface and in the core of the product.
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  • Non-destructive measurement.
  • No need for consumables, such as reagents etc.

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