Nareman Sood An Makeup Artist

Nareman Sood


Beauty features will give you a glimpse of the enormous impact makeup has on our lives. As a result of that, makeup artists are constantly in demand for various occasions, such as weddings, private consultations, public events, and many more. Being a makeup artist is fun and allows you to showcase your creativity to make people look good. The demand will always be there, and it is high paying. This write up speaks about the lifestyle of an international makeup artist – from her humble beginnings to being successful in the beauty and fashion industry.


A talented makeup Artist/Influencer naresbeauty with several years of experience and enthusiasm for the beauty industry. Performs advanced makeup skills on clients of different skin types, face shapes, and ethnicities with in-depth knowledge of makeup artistry and cosmetic industries. Possessing strong visual sense and creative imagination, and also specializing in makeup services for proms, weddings, fashion shows, and other special events.


Early Life/Background

Nareman Sood was born three decades ago in Palestine, where she spent her childhood. She had her childhood education there, although it has always been in her plan to move to the United States. After some years, she relocated to the United States, a dream come true for her. She became a U.S citizen a few years later, got married to the love of her life, and was blessed with three beautiful Children.


Makeup has always been something she has enjoyed doing since she was a little girl. She has a tremendous amount of love and passion for it. When she was young, she frequently practiced with her face and always received good compliments from everyone around her. She decided to up her game after moving to the U.S by receiving training from a pro. She performed well, graduated a few years later, and then launched her own beauty and fashion brand, “Makeupbynareman.” Since the launch, she has achieved many things and partnered with several brands/organizations worldwide.

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Work History/Accomplishments

Featured in Fashion Show in New York: Kept up-to-date industry standards, styles, trends, and techniques to provide optimal aesthetic services to every client during the Fashion Show.

Featured at a Los Angeles Fashion Show: Applied cosmetic techniques and processes to beautify the face and body of her clients, which contributed to the event’s overall success.

Featured in the prestigious Indian film festival: This was an outstanding achievement, being part of a great association. IFFI is one of Asia’s biggest and most respected film festivals, a major part of which can be attributed to its longstanding history alone. Throughout the entire event, her professionalism was much needed. She worked onset for a brand named “Lipstick Under My Burkha,” where they use makeup to enhance their clients’ beauty and physical attributes.

Worked with Sonakshi Sinha and other celebrities: Sonakshi Sinha is an award-winning Indian actress featured in many movies, both locally and internationally. Nareman Sood worked with her in San Francisco, using makeup and prosthetics to beautify her appearance and other celebrities present there. They all loved it.

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