What You Need to Know About Oil Control Face Moisturizer

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If you’re someone whose skin could be described as oily, it’s normal to think that you should skip the moisturization step in your routine. After all, oily skin is prone to acne and breakouts. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t moisturize, just that you need a purpose-built product for it. That product is oil control face moisturizer

The key to glowing, youthful skin is moisture and hydration, so it needs to come from somewhere. While standard moisturizers are typically too heavy for acne-prone or sensitive skin, a water-based oil-control product has a different chemical makeup that means it doesn’t cause the same issues. 

To clarify what the product offers, here are some major advantages of using a product of this type…

It Clears the Skin 

Dry skin that’s in dire need of hydration will create more oil in an attempt to give its cells the water it needs. That said, oil cannot be an adequate substitute for water, so it takes an oil control face moisturizer to give it the requisite hydration. 

Rather than exacerbating the problem as a standard moisturizer may, the necessary hydration is provided, negating the need to create even more oil. Breaking the cycle in this way is key to getting rid of acne in the long term. 

Your Pores Don’t Get Clogged 

Another great aspect of oil control moisturizer is that it’s classified as a non-comedogenic product. What does this mean? It means that it’s chemically formulated so as to not clog the pores – a primary cause of breakouts. This is not something that can be said for traditional varieties.

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Your Skin Gets a Vitamin C Boost! 

You’ll also often get a vitamin C boost with a good oil control product, which will support your skin in various ways. Combined with the hydration provided, your complexion will be naturally brightened, making your skin look younger and more supple. 

A boost to your skin’s plumpness is another welcome side-effect of water-based moisturizers, as they are known to promote collagen production. 

Your Skin Is Protected Throughout the Day 

Your skin goes through a lot each day, with pollution, sun damage and a host of other factors doing their best to break down the integrity of your skin cells. Of course, these free radicals can be combated with hydration and a healthy diet, but also with an oil control face moisturizer. 

In addition to vitamin C, these products will normally also contain Vitamin E – something that provides a degree of protection against the elements. 

Oil Control Face Moisturizer is Great For Acne Sufferers

Oil control moisturizer is something of a hero product for people with acne, as it allows them to get the hydration they need when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

If you’ve got oily skin, you can’t just leave it and not treat it, as you’ll get breakout sooner or later. It’s so easily rectified with this moisturizer that choosing it for your skincare routine is a no-brainer. The debate only really is about which brand to choose. 

No one needs to suffer unnecessarily with acne due to the sheer number of solutions available, so do yourself a favor and get some oil control products for yourself. If your skin could talk, that’s exactly what it would ask to buy. 

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