Why LogWork Free Time Tracker for Freelancers and Teams is the Best Productivity

LogWork Free Time Tracker

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The trouble with freelancing is that it is so enticing. Who isn’t interested in reporting to yourself,
working remotely, choosing your clients, and setting a flexible schedule? Thousands of
individuals seek out freelancing opportunities, but not all those freelancers will find success.
Many fall out of the industry because they are unable to appropriately manage their workloads,
find clientele, and create work systems that they can reproduce. The freelance lifestyle relies
significantly on personal accountability. Moreover, when an individual freelancer is also in
charge of a team, they may struggle to ensure that all members of the team are performing
satisfactorily, if not optimally. The astute freelancer looks for ways to monitor the productivity of
themselves, and the employer – of their employees.

The LogWork Time Tracker is a free service that helps businesses keep track of productivity via
personal and employee time tracking. It even provides a ‘screenshot monitor’ function that may
be used when necessary.

One of the most attractive features of LogWork is that it offers free, basic, and premium versions.
Competitor companies often keep their free version limited in scale to force users into
purchasing premium subscriptions. However, LogWork provides a free service that allows its
users to still achieve the goal of maximum productivity and oversight. Time tracking, software,
screenshot monitoring, and more are included in the free service. The premium service allows
users to take a deeper dive into their employee’s activity. So, can an individual freelancer or
leader of a team use only the free service to improve their business’s productivity? Yes,

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Another reason you might choose LogWork over its competitors is its mission and values. The
company started in 2018. This was before the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting influx of remote
working teams. Many tech companies saw the pandemic as an opportunity for a start-up that
would serve the new needs of the remote working community. But, LogWork, was long well
aware of the issues that exist in remote teams and the special needs of the remote employer. The
company and its software have been time-tested and solidly scrutinized to ensure its performance
is better than that of its rushed competitors. Their Leadership’s stated values – the customer is
king, secure and reliable, fast and simple – could not be more in line with the values of a
freelancer or a creative business.

When considering tools and software that will improve your business’s performance and enhance
your time management, you cannot ignore the services that LogWork provides. Even if you
choose to use nothing else besides the personal time tracker, you will find great insight into your
daily routine – the time of day you are most productive, the jobs requiring the most attention, the
tasks requiring the most time, the apps on which you spend the most time, and a history to track
progress as you improve your productivity.

Check out the website today: logwork.com

The video on the homepage gives an in-depth summary of LogWork functions and will get you
excited to be a part of the LogWork community.

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