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With its ever-growing global popularity, the subject of news is believed to be one of the most sought-after. Without news, the world will be in darkness. With the many happenings that are taking place in every sphere and the world becoming a global home of sorts citizens in every country are keen to get to know what’s happening all over in addition to the local news.

To state that the news medium has caught up with food, clothing, and shelter for the survival of humans wouldn’t be an overstatement. So much so life will be dull without news, like shutting the door on anyone.

And here’s the best news of all. Taking into consideration all of the factors even how minute they are the great news channel of the world Haystack News has come out with its app. With this app in one’s favorite smart device will make its users not have to miss out on any news that’s hot and current.

About the Haystack News TV app

Take this opportunity to bring before all, a brief introduction to this marvelous app standing tall amongst all other similar apps. Local and foreign news are brought at no cost. With just click access 400 + channels bring live news from all corners of the world. Some of the world-renowned TV channels CBC, Bloomberg, Euro news, Cheddar, ABC News, Newsy, CBSN, AP, CNET, Al Jazeera, MSNBC, BBC, and CNN are just a few of the great line-ups of the news providers.

Tune into any of these channels from a central point. This saves time in trying to locate channels from different points. Customizing is made possible. Customize by category, topic, or source.  This feature will enable users to directly access their preferred personal content. As easy as ABC. Interface make it simpler to use on Android TV boxes with the TV remote.

Haystack will host and make available the most curated channels to the users. By this the users can easily filter into specific contents they want to access. With Chromecast, streaming videos and music is featured in the app.

Local and international weather forecasts and updates are featured periodically and accessible 24/7. Business and financial news updates including news on company stocks done regularly for the benefit of the business-minded. Most sought-after sports events such as NBA, NFL, and MLB are featured. Entertainment feature brings the latest happenings on the celebrity front from the most popular channels such as Buzz60, TMZ Cleaver, and Yahoo.

Gone are the days of people being starved of the news on what is going on not only locally but around the globe. The Haystack News app makes all of what is happening around the globe to appear before your eyes live with ease. People may work or reside in places that are not too populated. No worries whatsoever.

The magnificent Haystack News app will keep you company with the latest live happenings on almost every subject. Why wait even a while longer?  get the app to your smart device and be in the thick of the news from around the world instantly.

Install the Haystack News app on TV

Best Android TV and Amazon Fire TV News application that is available for free. You can easily download and install the latest version of the Haystack news application on any Android TV and Fire TV using AppLinked or FileSynced. TV app stores like Aptoide TV do not have a TV version of this application. Therefore, you have to use AppLinked or FileSynced app.

First, download and install the AppLinked apk and then find the AppLinked code for this application. Then you can use that AppLinked code to install this news application for free.

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