Life is too short for poorly placed bets – Asia’s leading sportsbook provider “HPWINTOP” advises on finding the best tipsters


Gone are the days when people used to earn only from job work and business, we have already stepped into an era where people are earning from their intelligence and love for sports. Just like sports betting. Millions of people are converting their guess games into real money by placing good betting skills and helping others win the bets as well. Here we are going to talk about Asia’s top sportsbook provider which is helping thousands globally to win all of their sports bets through its best tipsters. If you are the one who knows little of it, I’ve got you guys covered. Let’s take you to the amazing world of sports betting with a deep insight into things that go on inside.

Who do we call a tipster?

Well, to some of your knowledge, a tipster is a person who is a professional or specialist in sports betting. When you step into the world of sports betting, he is the one who recommends specific bets. He does this from his knowledge that the chance of those recommended bets is higher for winning. As they say that “In the world of betting. The odds are everything”. So, if you prioritize winning a lot of money instead of following your perspective, then going for a good tipster can be vital for your betting career.

Where do people look for the best tipster?

Well, there are various platforms where you can find a good tipster. However, if you are looking to place a bet then HPWINTOP is the leading sportsbook provider in Asia. On Asian Bookie you can meet hundreds of tipsters to start winning your bets. You can save hundreds of our hours of finding a good tipster.

Reach out to Asian Bookie with 1 click

 Asia's leading sportsbook provider

Take no worries, just click on the link and it will lead you to Asian Bookie’s platform. Once you get there, you need to keep scrolling down until you find a big list on the left side of the screen. That is where you will be able to see the names of the top 100 tipsters in the Tipster’s championships.

See top 10 by league and top 100 overall:

  • Just by clicking on the title of the list you just found, you will see enlisted names of the top 10 tipsters of each league followed by their winnings next to their names. To further see the top 100 names, keep scrolling down from here.
 Asia's leading sportsbook provider
  • Among these top 100 tipsters, the positions keep shuffling according to the winnings and streaks of bettors. Trust the positions as no bettor experiences a bad time as he is occupying a high position on the platform. So those who follow their strategies for betting, never get a bad game but a clean and safe one.
 Asia's leading sportsbook provider
  • Each bettor can be found with the number of wins, losses, and % of the number of bets they won described in the columns next to their names. You will also if they have a winning streak.
 Asia's leading sportsbook provider
  • You can click and choose certain statistics that will directly sort out the list in a different manner e.g from Highest to Lowest, thus creating a new list.
 Asia's leading sportsbook provider
  • Click on the “Streak” column to find out players with no defeat in many days. While choosing one, stay realistic to bettors as defeat may come anytime.
 Asia's leading sportsbook provider
  • By clicking on the name of the tipsters enlisted, you will view  their profiles that also displays their longest winning, losing streaks, and ranking among others since they started.
 Asia's leading sportsbook provider
  • By clicking on the Follow option, you will be able get notification of their bets.
 Asia's leading sportsbook provider

Do not forget to create an account:

  • Creating an account is the only way you can contact a tipster, so register yourself on the website that is free of cost.
 Asia's leading sportsbook provider

Asian Bookie vividly displays how one can choose between a good and bad tipster by displaying each detail about these tipsters via real data.  HPWINTOP is Asia’s leading sportsbook provider that everyone is in love with. Some tipsters have medals next to their names that show their recognition from a certain platform.

 Asia's leading sportsbook provider

We hope this detailed insight was helpful for you to have an idea and choose a good tipster. Asian bookie is the only platform that will lead you to non-stop betting successes. This article is sponsored by HPWINTOP (the leading sportsbook provider in ASIA) so now please go make the most out of it and win your bets.

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