Find Your Closest Crypto ATMs in Florida and Buy Bitcoins with Ease

Crypto ATMs

Why do you see more and more people in Florida searching for “Bitcoin ATMs near me”? You would probably think it is because buying crypto from an ATM rather than an exchange is faster and more accessible. According to studies, more than 50 million Americans will probably opt to buy cryptocurrency, even though nearly 20% have no idea how to go about it. 

Why should you look for crypto ATMs in Florida?

According to many experts, a Bitcoin ATM in Florida is the easiest way to buy BTC for a large target group of under-banked and unbanked populations. This is especially true of millennials who are now making up the biggest share of BTC ATM transactions. Ben Weiss of Coin Flip also stated that Bitcoin kiosks run mainly to make cryptos accessible to newcomers having no idea of the blockchain or cryptocurrency.

To buy Bitcoin, you can sign up on a reputed crypto exchange or brokerage platform. You can make purchases using credit cards and get coins transferred to your wallet without any difficulty. However, not everyone is keen to use credit cards to buy cryptos. They would rather pay cash for their Bitcoins. This is possible when you buy BTC using a peer-to-peer platform where you get your coins in person from someone locally. This process takes time and effort; the easier way is to walk up to a crypto ATM near you.

Before walking up to a Bitcoin ATM, make sure to have your wallet in place. The wallet must be downloaded onto your smartphone and backed up. This ensures that you can generate a wallet address for receiving the Bitcoins you buy using cash at the ATM.

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If you tap on the screen at the kiosk, you will be greeted with an easy-to-use interface, similar to standard cash ATMs. Depending on the type of Bitcoin ATM you choose, the procedure may differ slightly. 

The machine typically prompts the user for the amount he wishes to buy. You may have to verify yourself with a mobile phone number to which you will get an SMS for confirmation. When the machine asks for the destination address where the Bitcoin will be sent, you need to provide the wallet address. 

To generate the receiving address you need to click on “receive” and the address is either displayed as a QR code or typed out. You need to hold this QR code up to the machine for scanning. When the code has been scanned you are asked to confirm the wallet address. After this, you insert cash bills into the BTC ATM. There are no limits to inserting cash so long as it is below the limits set by the machine. The screen shows how many Bitcoins you have bought and their value in local currency. When all this is done, you can click on “finish” to complete the transaction. The machine will print out the receipt for you showing transfer details.

Finding a “BTC near me” does not have to be difficult. You will come across plenty of online resources which give you accurate locations of Bitcoin machines when you type in your location. You can check out to know the locations of Bitcoin machines in Florida or your city. 

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