KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List | +19188444477 KBC WhatsApp Number 2022

KBC Lottery Winner

KBC means “KonBanegacrorepati”. It is a Hindi-language network show in which hosts pose a progression of inquiries to a few hopefuls to test their overall information and allow them an opportunity of winning a monetary reward worth 10 million Indian rupees.

Beginning of thought for this game show:

The thought for this KBC Lottery winner show came from an English TV game show named “who needs to be a tycoon” delivered by David Briggs, Mike Whitehill, and Steven Knight. It was an inquiry-answer-based game show that contained a few episodes.


According to WhatsApp, most of the WhatsApp lottery winners are Rahul Kumar, Vijay Kumar Sharma, and Rana Pratap Singh. The most common Rs 250,000 WhatsApp earners are Imran Khan DK and Rajesh Kumar. Similarly, the winner of the WhatsApp Top 1 Croix is ​​Gunyaal Singh.

We have also updated the complete KBC Winners List and WhatsApp Lottery 2022 Winners List on this page. Please contact us for more information. Similarly, if you have additional questions about the KBC lottery winners list. Call KBC at 00919692788947. This number is officially registered with KBC (kaunbanegacrorepati). So please don’t be late and call KBC as soon as possible, thank you.


With this scheme, you can receive WhatsApp messages on behalf of WhatsApp and indicate that you won the Rs 250,000 lottery. Victims should contact KBC Lottery Director RanaPratap Singh to receive the prize. Interestingly, the scammers claim to call KBC director RanaPratap Singh only through WhatsApp.

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This page shows the latest WhatsApp KBC Lottery Winner List 2022. This WhatsApp official website provides excellent support for the new WhatsApp lottery winners 2022. Similarly, customers can get an official business number and be aware of your concerns about the WhatsApp 2022 lottery draw.

Most of the helplines listed below or above these numbers keep curious and needy people up to date. There is a real way to find WhatsApp lottery and lottery winning numbers on our website. For more information, visit the official kbclottery.in website.


Similarly, this is a reference to our website where you can get more help to be satisfied with the WhatsApp lottery. Therefore, if a customer wants to find a solution to a complex WhatsApplottery issue, they should visit a real trustworthy website. Since this is our website, you can get all kinds of information from it.

What are the preventive measures: 

  • 1. Never respond to fake lottery winning related calls/SMS/Emails
  • 2. Have you received an SMS or email about transferring money into your account? It’s a scam. Do not respond
  • 3. Have proper spam filters in your email account
  • 4. Follow the thumb rule: Never transfer funds to unknown persons or entities in anticipation of high returns. This is never going to happen

How to make a complaint about KBC Lottery 2022:

  • 1. Collect Bank statements from the concerned bank of the last six months.
  • 2. Make a copy of SMSs received related to the alleged transactions.
  • 3. Copy of your ID proof and address proof as shown in the bank records.
  • 4.Lodge a complaint in your nearest Police Station explaining the complete incident along with the above-mentioned documents.
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