Is React Native a Rewarding Choice for a Startup?

React Native

Startups are the new “it” thing in the digital age. It is usual for the technology industry to produce Unicorns on a regular basis. The rapid money attracts thousands of entrepreneurs to digital firms. To be successful in this cutthroat competitive market, companies must work within tight constraints, scale swiftly and innovate quickly.

One of the most critical considerations that a digital firm must make is the technology that will be used to construct its product. When considering several technologies, the name React Native comes to mind. The Facebook-backed cross-platform app development framework, launched in 2015, has emerged as one of the most popular app development tools available. The demand for React Native has been growing rapidly resulting in an increase in the demand for react native app development services.

Three things are required for creating a startup with an exceptional growth curve:

There are three things that are required to develop a startup with an exceptional growth curve: 

– an innovative idea that makes a difference in the world.

– a competent team with the necessary experience and a user-centred approach; and 

– a suitable technology stack that enables the IT team to turn the idea into an actual product.

The technological stack for developing a startup is just as important as the other aspects stated because it has a direct impact on the cost of IT services and time consumption.

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Whether it is a pet health tracker or a fitness activity tracker, an unconventional dating service or a meditation “digital coach,” an innovative e-commerce app with streaming or a financial app for the banking industry, the technology platform can deliver benefits to the client.

If you want to save money and get the job done quickly and well, look for a professional react native development service provider. React Native stands out from the crowd due to its diverse set of prospects and competitiveness in terms of quicker timelines and lower costs than native developers typically charge.

When does React Native perfectly complement the goals of your startup?

Flipping through a profusion of different technologies, you may be perplexed as to how to grasp that this tech tool fits your tasks better than others. When investigating the “instruments” for mobile app development, the variety of tools available can be daunting. Where and why do Flutter, Cordova, Ionic and other alternatives succumb to React Native?

According to the results of a multi-faceted survey, the majority (approximately 40%) of IT organisations prefer react native app development services due to its flexibility and convenience. According to Statista, 13 percent of all IT organisations use cross-platform solutions. The key to React Native app development’s popularity is concealed in its features.

  • Universal Applicability: When you design a mobile app, you anticipate the smooth deployment of many features. React Native app development enables the creation of a wide range of mobile apps, from basic event apps to versatile social media or financial solutions. Booking services, dating apps, investment tools – it’s difficult to list all of the industries where React Native app development is useful.
  • Faster and less expensive development: Along with the potential to actualize a variety of creative thoughts, React Native app development allows specialists to generate two versions of the program for both platforms at the same time (iOS and Android). The use of code concurrently reduces expenses due to accelerated procedures.
  • Unrivalled user experience: There are numerous business tales where, after taking their first steps with native development, the product owners decided to switch to React Native app development. One of the primary motivators for change is the ability to deploy new features faster than native tools enable. Another advantage is that changes can be made without interfering with the app’s functionality (thanks to Hot reloading). It’s difficult to tell the difference between the product’s appearance and functionality.
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What to Choose: Freelancers or App Development Agency? 

I hope you won’t argue that the colour pallet works better when used by a true artist. The same is true for React Native app development: the magical technology reveals its rewarding sides when it resonates to your project concept and is used by an experienced react native development company with a proclivity for perfection. So, don’t waste time ensuring that you’re dealing with folks who genuinely care about the outcomes they produce. But which type of collaboration is better: with freelancers or with app development agencies? Let us look into this further.

  • Freelancers: Advantages and Disadvantages:

The first impression is that you may drastically cut your budget and acquire what you want for less money and within the time constraints. We can’t say it’s not true. You can celebrate the launch if you wish to produce a very basic product and are fortunate enough to meet a certified professional. However, the most common scenario is that you need to devote a significant amount of time and effort to fulfilling the professional duty of a project manager. You will almost certainly be involved in the process for a long period to ensure that contractors produce deliverables as requested on time.

Adding to it there can be a need to juggle development stages if your freelancers are in various time zones and can’t successfully coordinate with one another. This has the potential to transform React Native app development into a slow and ineffective “story.” Further, the fact that the experience of individual designers and developers is sometimes insufficient for accomplishing complicated jobs.

  • React Native app development agencies: 
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The benefits of a fully staffed workforce are self-evident. When it comes to full-cycle development services, you can expect a deeper grasp of your company’s demands at every stage, from concept discussion to frontend and backend work. When you work with a react native development company, you can expect higher-quality services such as product management and quality assurance. This technique ensures that your product will not be sloppy or provide a poor user experience. Unrivalled first impressions and favourable feedback from the project’s first real users will determine the project’s future growth. 


The picture of React Native app development would not be complete if we did not mention that it not only fits projects with unique UX design but also encourages IT teams, to bring to life actually highly loaded and complicated projects that require a large amount of photo and video content or animated illustrations.

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