Is M.Des (Master of Design) a career only for Artists

Is M.Des (Master of Design) a career only for Artists

Design is a part of our lives and we see various kinds of designs everywhere we go, each differing in terms of looks, function, and aesthetics. If you are an artist, you will certainly be pulled to such designs and might even think of pursuing a career in this sector. 

Though, if you are not an artist, you can still make a good career in this industry. Simply put, this field is not just for artists but for everyone who is interested in designing. Of course, if you have artistic capabilities then it is an added advantage. 

So, if you are considering a job in this industry then you can kick start your career with m design course. This program covers all the essentials of designing and will give you valuable knowledge and skill sets to progress in this field. 

What is design? 

We notice design all around us but seldom do we wonder what design entails. The term design is an art which defines the process through which an object will look or function in a certain way. Designs created in the business world also have a message or function. Every design has various stages and initially begins as a sketch and progresses towards something more progressive like a detailed drawing. 

The design has various different aspects to it which include technical, operational and aesthetics. There are various different sectors that make use of design such as Fashion, E-commerce websites, Computer Science, Architecture, Hospitality and more. In the current digital world, the importance of design has become all the more important as designs are used everywhere for designing websites to marketing campaigns. 

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The power of design is such that we recognize various brands through their icons and the same goes for trends that go viral. It is evidently clear that the field of design is changing at a drastic speed and paving new pathways and also resulting in better job roles. 

Why study Master of Design (M.Des)?  

A master of design is a postgraduate degree that will give you all the essential knowledge and understanding of design. This program will not only boost your creativity and give you newer ways to channel your creative prowess to design but will also give you professional skills. With a master’s in design, you will also learn the essential expertise of project management. 

As a designer, you learn multiple ways to challenge yourself and reimagine many everyday physical objects from the perspective of a designer. A great example of this is the simplistic design of the Apple logo which has been imagined and designed in such a brilliant way. 

A master’s program in this field will boost your skill set and give you an in-depth understanding of things like typography or illustration. It will also cover other important areas like interior design, multimedia and more. 

Along with this, you will get to study with many other like-minded artists which will help you explore your creativity all the more. Many good colleges even offer excellent networking opportunities with this degree which further helps the student establish themselves. 

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