3 Reasons Why Internet-Based Phone Systems Are a Game-Changer

Internet-Based Phone Systems

Modern business phone systems deliver new productivity and flexibility for small businesses. They help reduce lengthy call waiting times, improve first-call resolution, and enable personalized customer service.


The ability for staff members to answer calls wherever they are has become crucial for business success. This need sends organizations of all sizes and industries toward Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions known for reliability, scalability, and mobility. VoIP uses your current Internet connection to send data, so you don’t have to pay phone company costs for dedicated lines. It also routes long-distance and international calls over the Internet, much cheaper than using thousands of miles of copper wires like traditional telephony systems. A hosted phone system also makes adding lines as your business grows easy. Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) solution with an integrated business phone app lets your team stay connected anywhere, anytime. They can even use their smartphones to take business calls while traveling or working remotely. It is good to check out Ooma guide to VoIP phone system for more helpful tips and features of an internet-based phone system.


Scalability is the ability of a business to maintain or improve its performance concerning profitability and efficiency during sudden increases in sales volume or workload. A good scalability strategy ensures the organization can quickly scale up production to accommodate higher demand without running into bottlenecks. When used in a computer systems context, scalability refers to the ease of a program or product’s transition from one capacity level to another without disproportionately increasing costs or decreasing functionality. This concept also applies to a company’s capacity for growth within the industry, often determined by its market share and profit margin.

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For example, the scalability of an Internet-based phone system allows your business to quickly expand its users and access features, like conferencing and video calling, to support rapid growth. This is much easier than a traditional PBX system, which requires significant upfront investment and can only be utilized on a local network.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Many companies are moving away from traditional voice communication methods and incorporating new ways to connect with customers. Rather than answering calls on their phones, they’re using text, live chat, and social media to answer customer queries. Businesses can add a click-to-call widget to their websites and allow customers to call them directly. This is a great way to encourage customers to buy more products and services.

VoIP software can integrate with customer conversation records and purchase history, allowing sales reps to access valuable data on each customer and use it to build relationships that drive business growth. This information is also useful for establishing KPIs and improving processes.

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