Information of Anti-twist braided steel wire rope

Information of Anti-twist braided steel wire rope

The Anti-twisting braided steel rope is composed of braided strands and the Great-tech version is manufactured by high flexible steel strands allowing high working lots with the same lined mass. The Anti-twisting braided steel wire rope is used for dragging the conductors or OPGW, the earth wire during the overhead communication line production. It is predominantly weaved from high-power, steel-made wire and the braided steel wire feature has high elasticity, and ample reliability to revolve under tension strength. It is also applicable as pilot wire rope for dragging conductors or OPGW wires in the overhead transmission line stringing process. There are so many applications of anti-twist braided steel wire rope that cannot be neglected so if you are in search of a trusted anti twist braided steel wire rope supplier china then you are on the right platform.

Anti-Twisting Steel based on dragging OPGW and Earth Wire

This steel wire is used for dragging OPGW or earth wire present on an overhead transmission line. 

 Anti-twisting steel wire is specially plaited from 8 or 12 components of huge power, high elasticity galvanized steel wire. The plaited steel strands have huge elasticity and comprehensive strength to rotate under stress.

The special rope can raise productivity during the overhead transmission line stringing work. The rope is filled with a steel drum which can be fitted directly on the reel winder of the puller.

High-quality anti-twist braided wire rope 

Anti-twisting braided wire rope with great power hot dip galvanized steel feature by the special process of the special laced rope line. It has huge power, great flexibility, erosion rust-proof, not to fight the golden hook, and difficult to tie, durable and so on. Force applied to pay-off power lines manufacture, lifting kit with the balance shaft and the tail wire, port and other main lift crane wire does not alternate when the required place. It can progressively allocate the force between the basic ropes. The special rope can increase proficiently throughout the above transmission line for the stringing work.

Delivery method

1. The anti-twisting steel wire rope will be delivered in a container.

2. The products will be delivered in a month customarily after receiving the payment.

3. Stock is present for standard products.


1. The anti-twisting steel wire rope will be sent in a steel drum.

2. The steel drum can be mounted in the reel winder of the puller straightly.

3. Customers can order customized sizes of the steel drum.

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