How to Succeed a Home Staging Project?

Home Staging Project

Do you plan to sell your home? Home staging is the best solution to give your home a second youth! But how to do cheap and fast home staging?

Here are some tips and tricks to get your property up to date easily and efficiently!

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is a low-cost job that is faster than heavy renovation work. Traditional home renovation often costs a lot. But the main goal is to improve your apartment or house and reduce the cost of selling it easily. In the steps of the house, there is no need to tear down the walls or make partitions. It’s only going to handle small renovations that can make a big difference in every room.

Declutter and Depersonalize the House

Too much furniture and bibles do not help to highlight the features of the room. For example, if your 30 m² room includes two sofas, an armchair, a dresser, a library, a table for 8 people with chairs, a large buffet, etc. Clean the space and get rid of it. It’s time to dump her. The most imposed furniture. This may be the time to sort out all the things you don’t need anymore. In the case of a sale, potential buyers may not appreciate some of the assets of your apartment or house if they feel that some of your decorative items do not match their style and personality. So pack each of them in polyclinic bubbles or a box and store it somewhere else.

Do Small Home Repair and Renovation Jobs

When doing home staging, you have to do what is called a “small job”. It could be a switch or a light bulb that needs to be replaced. You can replace a broken closet door, make holes in the wall or on the floor. Besides, you may need to modify basic furniture. Some of your furniture may be old-fashioned, but to reduce costs, you don’t need to get rid of it. Just give it a nice change! Sending, painting, changing handles, and that’s it! Your new coffee table will fit perfectly in your living space. You can also repaint the walls in neutral colors.

The Home Staging Price: between 2% and 5% of the sales price

The average cost of a home staging project is about 2% of the sale price. This is an investment cost to make your property attractive to potential buyers. If you decide to hire a professional home steward, the cost of the operation can reach 5% of the selling price, but never more. Otherwise, you will have to sell the real estate at a higher price which will frighten the buyers.

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