How to store a power bank properly?

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Taking care of your portable power bank is important if you want to ensure you have it for a very long time. The focus is to know how to ensure the laptop power bank works at its best at all times. Storing it properly and knowing the rules can really make a difference. With that in mind, here are the things that you need to think about here.

Avoid leaving the power bank at 0% or 100%.

Most batteries are under strain when they are empty or full. Which is why you want to keep them over 20% and under 80%. That’s when you are getting the right results and value here. In doing so, you have much better benefits. Also, you also want to avoid leaving the camping power bank plugged for a long period of time. It will affect the unit and that’s the thing you want to avoid here.

Use the laptop power bank at least once a month

Even if you don’t really travel, the portable power bank needs charging and using at least once a month. If you don’t have that, it will end up being a problem. That’s why you want to address the situation and you will keep it working at the right level. Using it from time to time is great because you maintain its performance. Then when you really need it, you will have much better results and the experience will be very good.

Storing it properly

What we recommend is to store the power bank away from sunlight, intense cold or heat. The idea is that all of these can bring damage to the power bank. The last thing you want is for your power bank to under-perform, so keep that in mind.

Premium Quality branded Power Bank Vs Cheap knockouts

Premium branded power banks from Veger passed through all international standards and comes with warranty of 18 months. They are safe to store. It is always recommended to buy premium end power banks from Veger instead of cheap low standard ones to ensure safety of your gadgets. Cheap & low quality power banks can not only damage your devices but also can catch fire due to non-standard circuit design and poor quality battery cells used in their manufacturing. Brands like Veger are committed to offer high quality products at reasonable price with complete quality assurance. They are present in over 110 countries and also known for one of the top 5 brands in mobile charging solutions globally. 


As you can see, knowing how to store your portable power bank is very helpful. It will make it easier to protect your power bank as much as possible and in doing so, you will have better results. it does take a bit of a trial and error to learn how to store your power bank adequately, but following these tips and tricks is definitely helpful and it will maintain the right power bank performance. Take your time and remember to use the power bank once a month at the very least, just to ensure you care about you power bank and it’s battery at all.