How to Protect Your Digital Identity

Digital Identity

Our digital identity is formed in the form of personal information we share online: name, age, gender, geographic location, email address, phone number, and more. If someone steals this data to work on our behalf, we may lose our funds, our reputation, and our social connections. In this article, you’ll find useful tips on how to protect your digital identity from theft and increase the security of your online presence.

Create Several Digital Identities

You may have two phone numbers or two emails and use one for work and the other for private communication. Similarly, you can create multiple digital identities.

Emails Can Help

Have several emails.

  • You can create your first email address to communicate with banks and government agencies.
  • The second email address exchanges messages with different offline recipients (such as shops, garages, dental clinics).
  • Your third email address is for friends, relatives and social networks.
  •  The fourth email address will be for purchase and registration.

Each of your digital identities will be linked to a specific email, but they will never be able to go beyond actions that will create a safety net for your digital identities.

You can get all your email addresses from the same mailbox. For example, you can automatically send all incoming messages to the same Gmail inbox. Gmail lets you choose the address from which you want to send each of your emails.

You do not even need to use the @ address exclusively. Microsoft Outlook works on the same principle and allows users to attach a maximum of 10 support emails so that all 11 of their addresses are complete.

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You can choose between dozens of free extensions that are compatible with nearly any browser and will efficiently protect your digital identity.

However, the security software you have installed will not be sufficient to prevent tracking. Use Pan, Panoptic lick to test how secure your browser is: it will measure your security level and analyze your system configuration. Depending on the neutral results of the analysis, you will be able to adjust your settings, delete or install some AdWords.

Monitor the News

If a bank, government agency, or e-commerce entity suffers a data breach, it will be mentioned in the news. If it is discovered that your confidential data may be compromised, change all your passwords immediately.


Hopefully, this article will come in handy, and now you know how to protect your digital identity. Losing it is sometimes as painful as losing your real-life passport.

The recommendations listed above may apply to any device you use to go online, including a stationary computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. As you can see, you don’t have to be a geek to improve internet privacy and enjoy spending more time online.

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