How to prevent water pipes/boilers from freezing in winter?

water pipes freezing

Waves of cold wind are coming. Everyone must prepare all kinds of warmers. However, have you considered that the water pipes and boilers of the house will also be cold? If the water pipe freezes during your stay, this responsibility lies with the tenant. So how can you prevent freezing and cracking of water pipes and boilers in winter?

Prevention for freezing and cracking pipes

When the outdoor temperature is below zero, especially when it’s -8°C below, everyone knows that simply opening the faucet in winter to make the water flow will help prevent the water pipe from freezing. But many people will feel that it’s excessive and wasteful if they keep the water running all day long, or even for a few days. However, everyone should also know that in South Korean apartment designs, if you want to repair water pipes, you need to hire a professional repairman and negotiate with the homeowner. Also, if there is a water leak, it would be a difficult situation where you can’t take a bath or do laundry. You will be under pressure both financially and mentally. So it is better to keep the water running. If it is an area that frequently freezes and cracks, it is even recommended to boil it into hot water. Of course, we can reduce the flow of water as much as possible to reduce waste. If you are still unsure whether or not to do this, you may wish to ask the homeowner if there has been a frost and crack in the water pipe, if you need running water to prevent freezing, etc., so you can know and prepare ahead of time.

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Floor Heating: Out-of-home mode

Floor heating is a very important function for an apartment in South Korea. Simply put the out-of-home mode is the function of heating water (water flowing under the floor) if the temperature drops to a certain temperature, the heating mode will be automatically activated to restore the basic temperature. The usual temperature is set at 20 degrees. This is an inexpensive way and can effectively prevent the freezing or cracking of water pipes and boilers. However, if you’re living in a corridor-style apartment or a house with poor heating performance, it may not be useful to turn on the outing mode in continuous cold weather. In this situation, it is recommended to use dripping antifreeze.

Protect the water meter

Wrap the water meter with a towel or blanket, using foam paper is also effective. If the water meter is old, it should be replaced in time before the winter season comes. You can also use gazebo heaters if the water meter has a shade over it.

What should I do if the water pipes and boilers have been frozen and cracked?

1. Immediately notify the homeowner or landlord to contact the plumber. Never try to repair it yourself, because it may cause more damage.

2. During winter, there are usually a lot of repairs due to freezing and cracking water pipes, and it may take some time for the plumber to arrive on site. At this time, remember to turn off the heating.

3. If the water pipe is made of PPR material and the freezing is not too serious, you can use an electric heater or a hairdryer to thaw the frozen part. The heating should be moved up, down, left, and right to slow down the freezing and to prevent further damage. You can also soak a towel in hot water to wrap it around the water pipe.

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4. Remember to pour the water directly into the pipes to avoid scalding them. Do not twist the faucet forcibly, the faucet might be brittle and can easily be broken.

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