How to Optimize Your Homepage to Improve Search Rankings

Search Rankings

Your website is your gateway to your goods and services. It’s how your customers generally communicate with your company and also where they’ll – perhaps – buy. If your site isn’t correctly optimized, it won’t be discovered. What exactly is optimization? And how do you improve your website’s performance to get a high rank in search engines?

There are a lot of aspects to take into consideration when conducting business online. You must choose the right technology, whether it’s the top text messaging applications that work on Android and iOS or the best website host, or even a fantastic live chat system. It’s not just about that, your website needs to be designed well, be simple to navigate, and have excellent product images and the best content.

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Your website may be the most attractive site around, yet it could be completely ignored. If you don’t have good Search Engine optimization potential customers may be unable to find your site when they are searching for the items or services they require. Your ranking on search engines is a crucial element when conducting any kind of online business.

What is Optimization?

In the dictionary, Optimization can be defined by:

“an act, procedure or process of creating something (such as an idea, system, or a decision) as flawless as it is functional, efficient, or effective as it is possible …”

When it comes to websites, it is important to speak about SEO or search engine optimization (SEO) which means the ways we modify websites with relevant words and phrases to boost the visibility of websites when people are searching for something. The more visible your site is and the more visible your site is, the better your rank as well as the higher likelihood visitors will come to your website.

How Does SEO Work?

The bots in any search engine are used to browse and study all web pages. They collect and compile information from the pages, and then add them to a particular index. Once they are indexed, algorithms review the data with hundreds or thousands of factors to determine where a web page or website should be placed concerning a particular question from a potential user.

For instance, if you wanted to find an apartment to rent in London and you were to search using those keywords would yield hundreds of results. However, the ones which rank highest include a range of specific phrases that search engines recognize as pertinent.

Enhancing SEO rankings is not just about the keywords and phrases. There are a variety of factors major search engines, like Google, are taking into consideration when determining where a site ought to be put.

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Optimization Factors

If you’re creating your website there are a variety of elements that you should consider to make sure that the website is properly optimized and gets the highest ranking it could get.

1. Content

Your site may have good words and phrases however if you can prove that your content is good enough it will not be able to make it far. A website should include at least 300 words that are original (search engines can spot duplicate or copied content and punish you for this).

Long, rambling paragraphs are a different rule of thumb. It is recommended to break up your material into smaller pieces and include subheadings and headings when appropriate. DigiMdos provides excellent content writing services as per your business and is SEO optimized. Google is a major player in the industry, processing around 3.5 billion daily searches In 2018, they also launched the EAT criteria.

E = Expertise

A = Authoritativeness

T = Trustworthiness

These standards are crucial when discussing sensitive topics like treatment options for cancer. 

2. SEO Keywords and Phrases

Your content that is of high quality also has to include powerful keywords or phrases to make it more search-friendly. The words you choose to use must be pertinent to the topic to understand the type of terms that a user might be searching for. The use of a checklist can aid in this aspect.

  • Use one keyword for the main one and several associated keywords (3 to 4 ) should be sufficient).
  • Always include the keyword of the page in the URL for the page.
  • Include that key word in the meta description of your website, your title tag, as well as inside the H1 (main heading).
  • Create content that is varied using words and keywords throughout.
  • Use bullet lists and subheadings whenever appropriate.
  • Links to other pages within your domain should be accompanied by an effective and clear anchor.
  • Utilize images. A good rule of thumb is to use one image for 300 words or less.

If, for instance, you were selling a small-sized business phone service that includes a small business phone, then there are specific keywords you should use for example safe, reliable cloud-based, telephony, and others that represent the attributes of your service.

3. Backlinks

Backlinks Are another tool that can help improve your website and get your site up the rankings. If other websites notice the quality of your website and also link to your website from theirs, search engines will recognize this and give you a higher rank. How do you get the sites to send traffic to your website?

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If you produce high-quality and interesting material that other sites would like to share, they’ll add these backlinks to their sites. Unique content is an effective way to get other websites to link to you. This is especially true with the use of informative information graphics, interesting statistics, or even unique content.

It is also worthwhile to think about the tools you employ to run your business as an eCommerce. If you’ve got a well-optimized website with backlinks that are feeding your website it is possible that you could be selling on various channels. Tracking your stock with the most efficient software for inventory management will ensure that you have what you need available for sale, and helps avoid the disappointment of customers – you do not want your backlinks to come from negative reviews, in the end.

4. Site Crawlability

It could seem like a strange word however crawlability refers to the ability of a search engine robot to crawl and access every page of your website. If these tiny virtual bots are unable to access your website pages to index the content and rank them, they will not be considered to be top-ranked.

Be sure your site permits bots to access every page through an effective linking structure that connects your pages. If you have pages that do not wish to be crawled, you can make use of the robots.txt file to prevent them from being crawled. For Google, the Search Console not only lets you know what websites have already been crawled but also comes with a robots.txt generator that you can use. Search Console also offers an alternative method for Google to locate your websites by submitting them as the sitemap.xml file.

5. Security

Some may wonder why security is crucial for optimizing your site. It is important to remember that no one would want to visit a website that could put them in danger. You may forget about good backlinks if you’re not considered to be trustworthy!

Always make sure you use HTTPS secure encryption for your website. This will grant you SSL certificates that provide security and trust between your site and the device of your customer. For accessibility, ensure that your website is coded properly and has an index of your site so that robots and search engines understand what the site’s content is.

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6. Speed

In the current internet age, users are expecting speedy access to the internet. This is a crucial aspect of optimizing your website. If your site has a slow loading rate, it will not be able to climb higher in ranking in any search results. Check out these three benchmarks for loading:

  • Websites with high rankings in not more than 3 seconds
  • Ecommerce sites are 2 seconds or less
  • The ideal time (as determined by Google) is less than a half second.

Your development team must be looking into what it can be doing to boost speeds, particularly considering Google’s Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor update. This can include things like merging files and reducing HTTP requests. They must also examine your server’s response time.

7. Engagement Levels

While content that is of high quality is essential, however, it is not the entire story. Even the most engaging content won’t be much of a benefit if your customers do not take part in it. Google utilizes its RankBrain to track and evaluate the amount of engagement that users have on your website. Measures such as click-through rates and dwell time (how long users stay on your website) and bounce rates are taken into consideration.

An excessive bounce rate – in which visitors leave your site in a short time is likely to negatively impact your overall performance as well as rank. Be sure that not only is your content excellent however, the overall layout of the website is also high-quality, and that your site is simple to navigate.

The Takeaways

  • Optimizing your website’s home page and homepage is vital if you intend to conduct any kind of business on the internet. It’s important to note that this isn’t a one-time job. Certain criteria used for ranking websites change frequently and it’s essential to carry out periodic assessments and make modifications as needed.
  • Take a look at all the things that make your company more efficient and more effective in engaging with your client base. This is not just about your website, but also using tools like a VoIP system designed for small-sized businesses. Being able to rank well on a site is great however, it should be a start point instead of an end-point.
  • With the online market becoming more competitive, the success of your revenue stream and sales conversion is dependent on customers visiting your website with no effort. When they do and decide to push them to purchase something and provide excellent customer service and encourage them to become an ongoing customer.

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