6 Housing Coordinator Skills for Your Career

6 Housing Coordinator Skills for Your Career

The term housing coordinator covers several types of jobs from those that work with the government to those that work more corporately.  Whether in the private sector or alongside government programs, housing coordinators share a very distinct set of necessary skills.

Not only do they have to have a ready base of knowledge in the realm of realty, they also have to have solid administrative skills and stellar communication.  Take a look at these skills that you can start to develop so that you can be ready to take on any housing coordinator position!

1. Attention to Detail

Let’s not kid around here.  Housing is a lot to manage.  Did you know that people apparently need heating and cooling in some states?  There are laws galore, licensing and renters agreements, and not to mention making sure that your client has all they need! 

Not to be too sarcastic here, but there’s a reason that housing coordinators are good at what they do.  They pay attention to every little thing down to the carpets and amenities. 

Attention to detail also goes far beyond the inside of the facility, it also goes to learning about the area, researching the market, and handling several clients and contractors on a regular basis.

2. Research Capabilities

An underrated skill is the ability to research.  No longer is researching going to just Google.  With a recent surge in accessible documents, photos, and more, research takes on a whole new meaning.  

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Blogs are now full of research articles that may or may not be right.  You will have to weed through the false companies and advertisements, cross-reference the cross-references and deep dive into any review.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, try a few of these searches for any city to start:

  • Events and Community
  • Temporary Housing
  • Crime Rates by Zip Code
  • School District Ratings

3. Customer Service

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, full-time, part-time or self-employed.  Customer Service is a skill that is needed all of the time.  A housing coordinator is responsible for providing legal and complete housing for an individual or group of individuals. 

 Regardless of what kind of group, coordinators have to be aware of how they can help clients and maintain the law.  This is where customer service comes into play.  Many people may not know the laws and expectations that are common with nomadic or community housing.

As a coordinator, it is a service to the customer to provide them with full and accurate information.  Not only information, but also assistance throughout the entire process.  If it helps, think of it this way: your customer service as a housing coordinator is very similar to that of a realtor.

4. Budgeting

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are or at what level of the proverbial pole you are at, there will always be bills to track.  It’s no different for a housing coordinator.  You will have so many things to budget for and to track that it will be hard to stay on top of it all.  

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Don’t despair though.  Even though it is a lot to take care of, you can simplify all of your struggles by using a corporate housing provider such as Travelers Haven.

When there are such services as this, it makes coordination easy.  You see, billing and payments are such a core skill due to how often you will have to manage your budget if you are a private coordinator.  It doesn’t matter if you are in the private or government sector, budgeting will always be a valuable skill.

5. Empathy

Every position that requires you to work one-on-one with customers is going to require you to have some form of empathy towards others.  You are going to find yourself with people who don’t know what to do relying on you for their very wellbeing.

While that is a lot of pressure, this also allows you to have the opportunity to help people make their way in life.  Housing coordinators have to have empathy in order to understand the situations that many people are facing.

You won’t just be working with people who are traveling for business.  You could be working with people who have to travel for their safety, or they may be more nomadic people.  Either way, get ready to increase your emotional intelligence and empathy!

6. Communication

The top skill in most industries is going to be communication.  It’s the same with housing coordinators.  It’s important to remember that whe you work with other people, you have to communicate openly and effectively.By getting online social skills training you can groom your communication.

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But how do you communicate effectively?

The best way to communicate is to be aware of verbal and non-verbal communication.  Verbal communication is made up of tone, language, and intonation.  When we pay attention to these elements, we pick up on what a person is saying.  However, non-verbal communication adds to the verbal by way of hand motions, facial expressions and more. 


Being a good housing coordinator takes organization and time.  To be an outstanding housing coordinator, you have to be detailed, considerate, and knowledgeable.  If this is a position that you want to start working towards, get started on developing these skills as soon as you can!

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