How To Get The Spectral Charger Horse Mount in Diablo IV?

Diablo IV

The beta version of Diablo 4 only offers a glimpse of what players can expect from the full game release scheduled for June 6, 2023. Currently, players are limited to exploring the major city of Kyovashad and the surrounding Fractured Peaks region. Despite the abundance of side quests, dungeons, and Strongholds in this area, it pales in comparison to what the complete game will provide.

Certain content in Diablo 4 is not accessible during the beta, including most of the primary story campaign, adjacent regions surrounding Fractured Peaks, and additional character and Renown levels. One highly sought-after element not present in the beta is mounts. Nevertheless, players have reported receiving the Spectral Charger/Ghastly Reins mount, albeit it is currently not rideable due to a potential bug or unintended loot drop. If you wish to acquire this mount for yourself, continue reading for instructions.

How To Unlock the Spectral Charger mount in Diablo 4?

A Reddit user named u/oPawix00 was the first to discover the method for obtaining the mount. During the closed beta weekend, they shared their findings on the r/Diablo subreddit, which sparked the interest of many fans. As per the Reddit user’s account, they acquired the Ghastly Reins as a loot drop after completing the Gathering Legions event in Diablo 4. Using the Ghastly Reins, they were then able to add the Spectral Charger mount to their collection.

Players who wish to try their luck in obtaining the mount need to complete the Gathering Legions event at Kor Dragan in the Diablo 4 beta. Kor Dragan is one of the three Strongholds in Fractured Peaks, located northwest of Kyovashad and northeast of the Menestad Waypoint.

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Upon reaching Kor Dragan, players will encounter numerous enemies, most of which are vampires. The Stronghold is a complex network of paths and jump/climb spots, and all the enemies are level 25. It is not advisable for players below the maximum beta level of 25 to attempt this Stronghold alone, and even level 25 players should consider going with a friend or two since Kor Dragan is exceptionally challenging to complete solo.

After reclaiming control of Kor Dragan from the vampires, players become eligible to participate in the Gathering Legions event, which is a distinct mission from the Stronghold. Unfortunately, the event’s spawning times appear to be random, so players must wait until the event activates in their specific world. Once the event does trigger, players can return to Kor Dragan, complete the task, and receive the Ghastly Reins as a reward upon completion. The Diablo 4 items will appear in the player’s inventory, and by clicking on its box, a prompt will appear on their screen stating, “Reward Gained: Mount. Visit a Stablemaster to equip.”

In most settlements and cities, players can find a Stablemaster marked on their map by a horse icon. By speaking with the Stablemaster, players can see that the Spectral Charger mount has been added to their collection. However, during the beta, players cannot use the mount yet. The only action available is to view the mount in the stable.

Can you get other mounts in D4?

When revisiting the stable, players will notice that underneath the Spectral Charger, it states “Limited Access. Progress the campaign and complete Mount: Donovan’s Favor to gain access to mounts.” It appears that in the full version of Diablo 4, players will need to complete the Donovan’s Favor quest to obtain full access to the Spectral Charger and any other mounts.

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It remains unclear at which point the Donovan’s Favor quest will be available in the full game. However, knowing where to obtain at least one mount during the beta should provide some ease for players once Diablo 4 officially launches later this summer.

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