A Full Guide To Diablo 4 Season 1 Fractured Peaks Side Quests! – Renown Farming Tips

Diablo 4 Season 1

Diablo 4 Season 1 is coming, so I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way to level up. Also learn how to get more Renown early on to get ready for Season 1.

What I’ve found to be most effective is just targeting Side Quests associated with Diablo 4 Season 1 dungeons. This completes the dungeon and the side quests for that dungeon, improving the efficiency of getting Renown.

So I’m going to show you all Side Quests related to Fractured Peaks dungeon. That way you know which ones to focus on boosting your Renown buffs when completing Diablo 4 dungeons.

Shattered Tribute & Hoarfrost Demise

The first thing to note is that we can’t actually start Shattered Tribute and Hoarfrost Demise quests until we reach a certain level. I killed some mobs on some levels and then walked around on the way to Bear Tribe Refuge. But you’ll soon notice that you can’t pick up any quests in Bear Tribe Refuge. Because you need to reach level 10 first.

So we can now do some other Diablo 4 dungeon quests like being Forsaken Quarry, Forbidden City or Mercy’s Reach. I do this to get to level 10 quickly and get some extra Diablo 4 Gold rewards by doing dungeon quests.

It’s mid-mission and you need you to go back and kill some Goatmen. Then pick up their bones by not fully resetting the dungeon. So once we’re done with Shattered Tribute, our next step is going back to town to upgrade our potions.

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Legacies Of Light’s Watch & Light’s Watch

Once we hit level 10, we headed straight to Margrave. We got Legacies of Light’s Watch quest after talking to Monk. Then you have to rush to Light’s Watch dungeon. They are very close.

Diablo IV - Side Quest Legacies Of Light's Watch

It is located north of Margrave. You need to pick up three Diablo 4 Items from the stands, then kill Den Mother in the dungeon, and teleport away. In the end, you just need to talk to Monk again to complete the quest.

Dead Martyr & Hallowed Ossuary

Our next mission is Dread Martyr. The task base is next to Kyovashad, and we can complete easily this task.

We should note that Malnok Stronghold is near the area, so I decide to take out this Stronghold while I was there. Because this is a prerequisite for the subsequent tasks. Once I finished Stronghold, I could walk around and complete Hallowed Ossuary dungeon quest.

The nice thing about this quest is that you don’t have to go anywhere to turn it in after you complete it. The quest will automatically complete after you kill Knights in the dungeon. You just have to complete the dungeon and you get all Renown.

Nostrava Stronghold

The next thing I did was to finish Nostrava Stronghold. As you can see, the wooden door to the north wouldn’t open when I ran there. So I had to go around the other side, actually go in and finish Stronghold again.

Like Malnok Stronghold, it’s a prerequisite for another quest. And this task requires you to reach level 25 to unlock it. So you can delay starting Nostrava.

Also, you need to unlock your Enchantment slots. Because it makes you run faster. Because the real Enchantment slots quest is in a dungeon. So if you’re running a different class, you can choose to go directly to an unfamiliar area to complete the quest. This way you not only save Diablo 4 Gold but also unlock Enchantment slots, killing two birds with one stone.

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Diablo 4 Nostrava Stronghold

Hammer Of The Champions & Rimescar Cavern

Next, we’ll head back to Bear Tribe Refuge for Beast’s Challenge Side Quest. This task requires us to kill Kauller The Collector, who settled in the north, then return to Bear Tribe Refuge and submit the task.

Once you’ve completed Beast’s Challenge Side Quest, you’ll need to continue with the quest Hammer of The Champions. This will lead you to the dungeon in Rimescar Cavern, locked behind Malnok Stronghold.

You need to clear the cave all the way until you reach a closed room. Then you need to move on to cleaning the room. When you get to the next location in the dungeon, you’ll need to allow time for you to climb down the cliff. Then you click on it, and it drops the weapon. You can then teleport back to Bear Tribe Refuge in the quest, and you’ve completed that quest as well.

Diablo 4 Hammer of The Champion Quest - Defeat the Khazra Abomination

Cries Of Innocence & Black Asylum

There is also a guide after the next Cries of Innocence quest. It’s just outside Kyovashad on the bridge, leading us to the dungeon, Black Asylum. There we have to clear it and kill an extra NPC to complete the quest. Once we cleared everything up, it was pretty straightforward.

Now our next step is to reach level 25. This way we can complete Nostrava Stronghold’s quest. We have a few options right now where you can go to different areas and focus on getting Renown. Or you can focus on dungeons giving you Aspects you need. That way, when you go through those extra dungeons, you’ll gain even more power.

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There is one more thing to note. Since you’ll be skipping the campaign and Tree of Whispers trigger will be active, check that out too. If any dungeons are on Tree of Whispers, just log the quests and execute them. Because if you do, you’ll be rewarded with an extra Diablo 4 Gold. So there’s no reason not to optimize it further.

Sight To Madness & Cultist Refuge

Once we hit level 25, we head back to Kyovashad and talk to the guy locked on top of Diablo 4 city. He gave us a Sight to Madness quest location. This quest location takes us to Cultist Refuge in Nostrava Stronghold.

So that’s why we have to clear it. If you haven’t cleared it so far, now is the time to do so. This is the last task now.

If you skip the campaign, Fractured Peaks also has a quest that you can’t do until you reach level 50 and above. Because it’s on cold alert. If you complete the campaign, the area becomes a level 50+ area. Once we’ve completed all the quests and dungeons, it’s over.

Diablo 4 Sight to Madness

Kor Dragan Stronghold & Last 2 Waypoints

Finally, we need to finish Kor Dragan Stronghold. This is a Stronghold above level 30. If your current character is strong, go for it. Then don’t forget to walk around and pick up the remaining waypoints. That’s it, now we’re all done.


By doing this, we gain far more than three points, and may even unlock a fourth point in Season 1. That means we’ll have all the skill points and all the important stuff.

Then, once we’re in World Tier 3, we can come back and unlock Renown in that area. It took me about two and a half hours, and I wasn’t doing very well. Because I didn’t have a set plan, I just improvised.

So if you follow this guide, you can accumulate Renown more quickly in a shorter period. Hope this guide helps you get off to a great start in Diablo 4 Season 1!

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