How To Crack SNAP Without Coaching?

Crack SNAP

Symbiosis National Aptitude Test or SNAP is conducted every year. More than lakhs of students apply for this exam to get one MBA seat among 2500 seats in any Symbiosis college. The marks obtained in SNAP are accepted by almost 16 Symbiosis colleges and various other institutions. The SNAP Exam is performed through CBT mode. The difficulty level of this exam rest between easy to moderate.

This article will find a compilation of tips and strategies for the upcoming SNAP Exam. Only a few months are left for the SNAP, so it is important to prepare a proper strategy to cover the entire topic and to have a clear knowledge of the exam structure. Also, to crack the SNAP exam on the first attempt.

Make An Exam Strategy and Work On That

Prepare a Section-Wise Strategy

It is essential to make a section-wise preparation strategy for any competitive exam. First, complete one section, then move to another, don’t just start from anywhere. You must organize your preparations strategy by segregating the topics into sections; it will help you understand each topic thoroughly and be beneficial during your revision time.

Focus On One Goal

Aiming or setting goals to preparing for any competitive exam is a must. Make one goal at a time, don’t make more than one goal because that may confuse you. If you can complete your goal before time, that ensures that you are on the right track. Setting targets and fulfilling them shows your time management skill, which will help your future.

Practicing Sample Papers and Mock Tests

Hard work has no alternative option. Solving sample papers and taking online SNAP mock tests at BYJU’s Exam Prep to help you assess your weak points in your time management. And help you with 20 mocks before the main exam is crucial to score more. Also, try to analyze your weak points and practice those topics repeatedly.

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Having Faith in Oneself

Confidence is the ultimate way to success. Unfortunately, nervousness can often lead you to make silly mistakes, and you end up giving wrong answers or answering the question without understanding it, which ultimately gets you negative marks.

List Of Books That Will Help You In The Upcoming SNAP Exam

Here, we will provide you with a list of books, divided section-wise according to the subject, useful for your preparation.

Given Below is a list of books that will help you in the preparation of General English for SNAP 2021

Book Name  Author  
High School English Grammar and Composition    Wren and Martin  
How to Prepare Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CATArun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay  
  Work Power Made Easy  Norman Lewis  
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT         Nishit K Sinha  

Given Below is a list of books that will help you with your Quant, DI, and DS for SNAP 2021:

Book Name  Author  
How to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for CAT  Arun Sharma  
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for CAT  Nishit K. Sinha
How to prepare Data Interpretation for CAT    Arun Sharma  
The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams  Pearson  

Given Below is a list of books that will be helpful for your preparation of the Analytical and logical Reasoning Section of SNAP 2021:

Book Name  Author  
How to prepare Logical Reasoning for CAT  Arun Sharma  
A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning    RS Aggarwal


There are innumerable texts, study notes, materials, and practice books for SNAP Exams are available in the market and on the internet but choose the book or material wisely after reading user reviews and asking your seniors or teachers.

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Study Hard and come off with colors!

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