How to Choose the Right Toy for Your Dog

Toy for Your Dog

There is nothing more fun than playing with your dog or watching them go crazy over their favorite toy. Toys encourage exercise and play, whether it’s a ball, flying disk, or a squeaky rubber animal. If you need advice on choosing the best toys for your pooch, the article below can help.


Before you choose any old toy, review the following considerations first.


Age matters when it comes to what dogs play with and how. Growing pups do well with toys that they can chew on; this also saves them from gnawing on your furniture! On the other hand, older dogs may want softer items that don’t damage their teeth.


Size is also important to consider. For example, giving a tiny ball to a larger dog could pose a choking hazard. Ideally, you want to provide them with a toy that suits their overall size and that they can realistically handle.


Safety also matters when choosing a toy. While most items from pet shops are designed to be safe, make sure you don’t give them objects which could cut their mouth or cause poisoning. All toys should be non-toxic and made with materials that won’t harm them.

Toy Types

With so many options for toys at pet supplies Mesa, it can be tempting to buy them all! Below are a few of the most common toy types for dogs.


What dog doesn’t love a ball? Whether it’s a bouncy ball or one that flashes and makes noise, balls are a great way to keep your pooch active and happy. When choosing a ball toy, make sure it’s large enough so that your dog won’t accidentally swallow it. Be careful with tennis balls, though, as they not only can cause choking but the material is known to wear down their teeth.

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Chewables and Squeakies

Chewables are another favored toy by dogs of all ages and sizes. Made with latex or rubber, these toys often contain a squeaker and come in all kinds of shapes and styles. Dogs love the squeaky noise that these toys make, but because they’re so soft, they often get chewed to smithereens. When choosing a chewable toy, make sure you opt for latex as they’re stronger and last longer.

Teeth Cleaners

Often made with rawhide or hardened rubber, these toys are great for cleaning your dog’s teeth. Pups are known to love chewing on these, especially the rawhide kind that are shaped like bones.

Discs and Retrievers

These are great for dogs that love to retrieve things. Whether it’s a frisbee or another disc toy that can be thrown and fetched, dogs love chasing these objects over and over. Some canines are so adept at catching discs that there’s even one that holds a world record!


Have you ever noticed that dogs love to play tug of war? Ropes or other toys that encourage tugging are great for building their physical and mental stamina. Tuggers are often made with rubber or other durable materials like a rope that can encourage your dog to bite, growl, and hold on for dear life.

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