How to Balance Expectation and Innovation in Web Design?

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You’re probably thinking of designing a website for the first time or just redesigning the previous one to fix some stagnant traffic issue. During this stage, many web designers have a lot on their minds. Should the logo be at the right or top left of the page? Or does blue go with the theme of the homepage? But, the aesthetics are not what you need to worry about. This should probably be the least of your worries.

 You need to make sure that your website is not just a pretty face but works too. It must be designed by the top-notch web design company New York for usability because let’s are honest, effective functionality is what the user is looking for! How easy is it to use, how enjoyable is its interface, and what is its user experience? These are the things you truly need to care about. So, it’s a question of balancing expectation and innovation. How do you create something that looks appealing while not compromising its functionality?

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There are some tips you may say, to figure that out. And that is exactly what we’re going to discuss today. So let’s get right into it, shall we?

Prioritize Your Target Audience

This goes without saying, your audience should be your priority. After all, who else are you designing and redesigning everything for? Never sacrifice your user experience for a merely pretty-looking website to make the marketing team happy. Observe what your user wants. What are their likes and dislikes? Do they have a problem with the loading time or some glitch pages that just won’t work? If yes, then that right there is what you need to work on.

Encourage your customers to give feedback. Maybe even give them an incentive for it. Build a mechanism through which they can give you suggestions that will improve your web design to enhance the user experience. This will get you a targeted list of actions you need to focus on for a while. It will also get rid of that “whether or not” question and help you get that clear-cut set of instructions.

Never Tradeoff Functionality for Design

Don’t go crazy with the design just to make your site look “unique”. Even though it helps, most users aren’t there to see how sleek and stylish your site looks. The unnecessary design elements will do nothing but make it harder for the user to navigate. They don’t want to go page to page, finding your contact info. All it will do is force the user to abandon the site. Avoid using colors or text that is hard to read, confusing labels, or anything similar, that causes confusion or leads to page abandonment.

You can always add a few innovations now and then. They can be as simple as a sort of scrolling transformation. but, makes a huge difference by making your website look more modern and forward-looking. But bear in mind, any design changes you make shouldn’t make the user experience more complex and impenetrable.

Website Infrastructure Matters

Google’s algorithm observes and emphasizes the importance of elements such as the time your page takes to load or whether it is fully secured or not. Moreover, integral aspects such as alt data, meta description, or description for images impact how the search engines find your data. They may seem very insignificant but play an important role in the website infrastructure. If you fail to incorporate these key elements within your website, it will most certainly have an impact on your marketing strategy and rank in the results pages.

Be Careful with the Pages that Convert

Redesigning your website is great. It can help improve your performance in many ways, only if done strategically. Some pages on your site that have low traffic and high conversion rate, or have high traffic and high conversion rates. This is a sign that the pages are doing extremely well and if you’re thinking about redesigning them, proceed with caution. On the other hand, pages that have high traffic with low conversions are all ready to be updated. So, you are free to experiment with them all you want.

Test Your Designs

This is a common mistake that people make while launching a brand new site. The design may seem pretty effective and functional to you, but that’s not enough. Before you are ready to launch it, conduct a few test runs. And bear in mind that you’ll need a fresh pair of eyes to do so. It can be anyone from a different department of your company, or an outside user, but not someone closely involved in the project.

Implementing these tips on your own can be tough. Thus, it’s important to hire Map-it Inc if you’re looking for the best services.

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