How to Avoid Mistakes in English?

Avoid Mistakes in English

A great Bollywood actor once said, “I can walk in English, I can talk English… because English is a funny language.” But is it so? Is English a funny language? I don’t think so. For ages, English has been a nomination language among all the nations. It is such that you will hardly find any formal meeting or a high-class gathering without English speakers and hosts.

Tough the demand for English is very high in our society and is needed for global interactions. There are few mistakes that each one of us commits. Committing any mistake isn’t wrong or a sin, but repeating it repeatedly creates a lousy impression and may prove to be quite embarrassing.

Here are the top recommended tips by language experts on how you can avoid mistakes in the English language.

1. Simplicity is the key

You may listen to some native speakers and feel like you know nothing. But this is not true. You may know Hindi or any other language which may seem to be alien to English speakers. So instead of using fancy and complicated words, try to go for simple words. Dictation for class 3 will help you articulate your thoughts better and understand what you are saying without stress on your brain.

2. Create an environment

The English natives are better in the language because they were born in an English family. They talked to their friends in English, read English billboards, English magazines, etc. What I mean here is that they had an English atmosphere. So to learn English and use the correct language, you must create an environment for the language.

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a) Join a reading club: These are places where people gather and read books aloud.

b) Movies: Watch English movies with proper and clear language and try to read the subtitles. Remember that you are watching movies not just for entertainment but to learn English better. So try to avoid movies that have rough use of language. You can easily find good Hollywood movies on the internet, which will give you a better understanding of the language and life lessons.

c) Friend circle: Ask your friends to talk in English whenever they gather. This will help you learn the language without any mistakes and sharpen your skills.

3. Slow it down

Whether you are writing or reading or even speaking, try to slow down your pace. Many people try to do these things super fast, especially when they are in a social space. Doing this causes many mistakes which you are never able to trace. So Instead of bombarding the listeners with fast bombs, try to sizzle your words slowly and with ease.

Slowing down the process will help your brain think properly and give you clues about what to speak next.

4. Proofreading

This may be the most boring way but also a very crucial step in avoiding mistakes in English. Whenever you write anything in English, be it your homework, assignment, worksheet, or another thing; try to read it once you have completed writing. You may find that you have created a few mistakes in writing the spellings or made wrong grammar usage. This will help you detect your mistakes red-handed.

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5. Try giving tests and worksheets

There are a lot of ways in which you can test your spelling skills. The most common way is to ask your friend or any family member to read a text, and you have to try to write the correct spelling; this dictation will improve your spelling and your brain’s power to remember things.

Also, SpellQuiz is a fantastic platform to test your spelling quiz. The option of spelling practice for adults is also there to help those who have higher-level education but struggle with spelling articulation; you’ll find dictation for grade 3 and other grades to choose from and test your skills.

Conclusion: So here is how to keep away from Mistakes in English? We gave you some tips to improve your English; we also informed you about the fantastic platform, SpellQuiz, where you can make spelling practice for adults or dictation for class 3 and other levels as per your requirements.

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