How IVR Transforms Customer Support


Imagine your customer faces a serious issue with one of your product subscriptions. They are looking for a quick resolution to the problem. They ring your customer care number, hoping to reach out to you at the earliest and solve the issue.

But, alas! They hear, “The number you are trying to reach is currently busy!”

They try and try again but still can’t reach you. They get frustrated and eventually cancel your subscription.

Don’t worry! It happens with all the major brands.

Customers are reluctant to wait longer to solve their queries. As a business, you need to be proactive and find a solution to customer problems. Else, they can any time switch to your competitors. Research shows that a whopping 65% of customers switched brands due to poor customer service.

The above situation can be better tackled with an Interactive Voice Response mechanism (IVR). An IVR number is a faster and cost-effective way for your customers to reach out to you. Also, there is an option to track and route priority calls so that you can serve your valuable customers better.

In this blog post, let’s understand how interactive voice response mechanisms can transform your company’s customer support.

What is IVR (Interactive Voice Response)?

Interactive Voice Response is a mechanism that allows consumers to reach out to a company for various purposes like customer support, product inquiry, sales, etc. Here, the caller first encounters a phone menu system with different options. An automated message explains the menu and guides the user to the next step. Each menu option has specific functionality and tackles various queries. If the automated messages are unable to solve an issue, the call is diverted to a customer service representative.

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For example, consider the interactive voice mechanism of a telecom company. When you call a toll free number, the initial menu options allow you to select the type of services like prepaid, postpaid, broadband, Wi-Fi, etc. You can choose the services by inputting phone numbers from 0-9. Based on your input, the IVR gives more information about the selected service.

Interactive voice recognition systems have drastically transformed customer service mechanisms. Let’s see how.

Top 5 Ways IVR Transforms Customer Support

IVR number comes with better customer satisfaction, increases productivity, improves call prioritization, and more.

Reduces Customer Wait Times

With an IVR number, customers can quickly get their queries resolved. In some cases, they need not even depend on a customer service representative. Most of the IVR service providers allow you to design detailed menu options. Here, customers can easily follow the instructions of the pre-recorded message to clarify their queries.

Increased Call Handling Capacity

Traditionally, a live agent dealt with customer queries. This mechanism had limited call handling capacity. A single agent couldn’t manage numerous customers, as the process was exhausting.

But with an IVR number, many issues get solved at the preliminary menu phase. You can design answers to the most frequently asked questions. Customers directly get the answers through the pre-recorded message and do not connect to a customer service representative. Hence, a company can handle hundreds of customer service calls simultaneously with fewer resources.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

With an IVR number, you can provide better service to your customers. They need not endlessly wait in lines or hear a busy tone. Hundreds of customers can connect simultaneously to lodge a complaint or clarify a query. With better service delivery, customer satisfaction enhances. Happy customers talk about your product offerings to their friends and family. In this way, your brand image enhances, leading to increased business growth.

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Better Call Prioritization

IVR number helps you prioritize calls of your most valued customers. There is an inbuilt mechanism to track, record, and analyze the calls. If you follow the location of the call to your most valued customer, you can route it to a seasoned service executive. By giving them priority over other customers, they would remain loyal to your brand.

Better Productivity

By using an IVR solution for your business, you can handle more calls in a short interval of time. More calls mean more sales, better marketing outreach, and increased query resolutions. Hence, your business productivity enhances. Further, you can devote the extra time to other significant marketing campaigns, focussed lead nurturing, etc.

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