How can beginners become PRO in cooking tasty and healthy Indian food?

healthy Indian food

Indian restaurants in Sydney are famous because the way their chefs have mastered the preparation of the Indian food along with the authentic approach for the presentation is something which not everybody can do.

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According to the experience of the chef practicing in the famous Indian restaurant in Terrigal, “ Those people who visit our restaurant for the first time are sure to express the demand to the waiter to meet the chef who has made it.”  It is not rocket science to make tasty Indian food. But yes, one needs to be very precise and know the essential tips and the technique to come out with the best version of the food.

So in today’s article, we are going to mention such tips which every beginner should know and always abide by whenever he or she is cooking Indian food.

Use the right oil

Several Indian food items can be cooked in ghee or clarified butter, while others can attain the best flavor when prepared in mustard oil. You must know before commencing, which oil has to be put in the preparation of this dish. The oil is supposed to be the flavor enhancer and choosing the right one will make your dish come out extremely superb.

Chop the veggies before you turn on the flame

We have seen many cases, in which the cook tries to show his multitasking skills by chopping the vegetables while they are preparing the spicy gravy ( the Base of the Indian Spicy dishes). No doubt, you may be adept at doing such things. But by doing that you will be carrying out every step of the cooking in a hurry. And if you lose your focus, then you may end up coming up with the disaster of the dish.

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If you do not want to start the preparation of Indian food from scratch, then do one task at one time.

Do not overcook or undercut the vegetables

The cooking should be perfect. The outcome should neither be overcooked nor undercooked. In either of the cases, you will find your cooking efforts in vain.

Make sure to cover the vessel

The vessel in which you are bringing the food should be covered for some time after the food is cooked. It allows the steam of the flavors to reach every bit of the dish.

Cook on the slow flame

All the expert chefs are of the view that none of the dishes (irrespective of cuisine) should be cooked on high flame. If you do so, then you may come up with either or both the following condition:

  • The dish may get burnt
  • The dish may not come out to be flavours

Bottom Line

How did you like our article today’s article? If you want to know more about such beginner’s tips, then please let us know. We have so many extracts of the information that we shall be very glad to share with you.

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