Healthy Yet Delicious Sweets For Diwali 2021

Sweets For Diwali

Diwali is a festival of light and sweets. This day is celebrated across India as the return of Lord Rama, Maa Sita, and Laxman. As we know, Diwali sweets are a significant part of this festival resisting them becomes a challenging job. You might be a diabetic or health-conscious person but, if sweets are before you; especially, on Diwali day, we all would love to devour those delightful delicacies. We also order Kaju Katli, Petha, Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Kesar Barfi, Milk Cake, Laddo, and different types of Diwali sweets online to make our festival worth cherishing. Hence, today we are here to help you healthily satisfy your sweet tooth. People often say that sweets can never be healthy, but we believe they haven’t tried some lip-smacking healthy delicacies that can add glitters to your feast. Moving forward, we have gathered some health vicious sweets whose recipes are readily available. So, let’s have a look at some of them.

Lauki Kheer

Lauki Kheer
Lauki Kheer

Who doesn’t like kheer? Guess, we all are on the same page and we all are obsessed with kheer but as rice might be unfriendly to diabetic people, switching it with Lauki would be a perfect option. Grated Lauki kheer with chia seeds, jaggery, and cardamom is what you need to prepare this delicious delicacy. And, milk is needed. So, we believe Lauki Kheer is one of the sweet delights that you would love to prepare for Deepawali.

Date And Apple Kheer

Did you get water in your mouth? If not, then a Kheer kind of custard would do that. Dates and apples are preferred food when we talk about health-conscious people. So, why not this Diwali we replace sugar with jaggery and other stuff with dates and apples? You would love to devour this particular item as prepared. And it is an easy task to prepare this sweet. Even if you are a novice you can. So, this Deepawali, make this delicious sweet and impress your family.

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Quinoa Phirni

You must be aware of Quinoa but Quinoa phirni is a new concept that you would have heard. Well, it is easy to prepare delight that goes well with diabetic and health freak people. The recipe for phirni is the same, you just need to replace a few items with blueberry, jaggery, quinoa and add some dry fruits as usual. So, are you ready to prepare this unique phirni and delight your loved ones?

Dragon Fruit Jam Tart

Innovation is the key, and modernity with traditionalism is the approach that one should always follow. You can always do wonders with tart and this Diwali, you can use it to serve the guests that visit your home. Prepare a tart and dragon fruit jam and as they come, just add the jam to the tart and serve it. They would love this creative sweet that you would serve. So, we believe these delicacies are winning your heart, and you might love to try them all.

Khajur Anjeer Rolls

This is quite a common delicacy that you might find in royal sweet shops but when we prepare it at home, we know what to add in what quantity and for which item we can use a substitute product. We are well aware of the Khabur anjeer rolls, and adding them to your Diwali sweets would be an amazing option. Just use an alternative of sugar if needed; else, khajur and anjeer both are naturally sweet.

Multigrain Nankhatai

Who is not a fan of nankhatai? Well, we all are, right? But instead of using the products that can somehow harm our health, why not use multigrain atta or something like that? You want to have Nankhatai, and we believe multigrain nankhatai would also be a perfect substitute for normal nankhatai. So, relish the ultimate flavors of Nankhatai uniquely. This Deepawali surprises everyone with this sweet delight.

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These are some of the lip-smacking delicacies that one should cook on Diwali day. These delightful sweets will not let you gain weight and take care of the diabetic person you might have at home. Try having these delicious sweets at the festival of lights and sweets and see how you impress everyone with your culinary skills. Happy Diwali!

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