How Percentilers Helped Students to Get into Best MBA Colleges

Best MBA Colleges

Being successful after suffering and sacrifice is an experience that is a dream. You are a hard worker all day and night to reach your goals, and after getting to the point of breaking, you break the nut and revel in the pleasure of your efforts. Similar to when you pass the exam, you feel a sense of accomplishment, and CAT is different. The most difficult entrance exam in India for the top B-Schools. Each year, students battle and pass this test to make the CAT’s success stories.

You experience a lot of bumps and valleys throughout your journey as soon as you begin your preparation process. The exam is a flurry of emotions that fill you with kinds of emotions in the same moment. You may feel happy, but the next, you’re unsure. There are times when you feel that your work is done, while at other times, you are trying to keep track of your books. However, eventually, the hard work you put in pays off, and you’re accepted to attend your desired college. Today, Percentilers shares some inspirational success stories from CAT toppers to inspire you to believe that “If you’ve got the will, there’s an option

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Akanksha Gangwar

A student at JBIMS, Mumbai, secured an overall score of 99.15 with 103.99. While working for TCS, she pursued an MBA and began her study for the MBA in April 2020. At first, she was unsure about her preparation and was looking for assistance from a professional. After a long search for high-quality CAT training, she decided to enroll in Percentilers.

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Percentile allowed her to gain her strengths and strengthen her weaknesses while at the same time. She was impressed with the method of percentiles in helping each student pass the prestigious exam by giving them many mock exams and training students to focus for months. She got a spot in one of the most prestigious B-schools across the country.

Aditya Thawait

Aditya had also been a pupil of Percentilers. He was among the students who lacked motivation and self-confidence after being rejected. He also took CAT with a full-time position in Policybazaar but failed to get to the level he wanted. In a state of low confidence and self-belief, He enrolled himself in Percentilers.

After attending a few sessions of masters’ classes, the student comes to realize and says –

“The trainers were so welcoming and helpful that they were able to help me revive my motivation to take on this test once more. It was their continuous efforts that enabled me to gain admission into FMS, Delhi.”

He scored a high percentile and was accepted to his preferred college. His total score was 111.2 and a percentage of 99.84.

Shrishti Raj

She was a Hotel Management student and an ambitious CAT aspirant. She’s the perfect model to those who believe that only experienced professionals could be admitted to the top IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta). She scored an overall percentage of 96.84 and an average of 84.08. She is now is a part of IIM Calcutta.

“I was a newbie when I started at the academy due to my lack of experience as well as the exposure of others. I was unprofessional and was not aware of my study. Master’s with Percentilers helped me develop to the corporate level. They corrected me for my mistakes, but they also praised my performance and helped me become an outstanding person. It was a pleasure to be part of their group,” says Shrishti.

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Nikita Jain

Nikita was a participant in one of our online CAT courses. She was admitted to XLRI Mumbai after getting a good result in the range of 95.08 percentage with 76.5 marks. Similar to Shrishti was also a recent graduate with no experience in the field. Her analytical abilities were extraordinary; however, CAT is much more than just that. She needs a complete study program that gives her confidence to crack that most difficult piece of nut.

“As the perfect companion for those who are looking to master the vast features of an MBA and not just read books. They don’t just instruct students how to pass the exam but also get an MBA. The experience of our teachers is unparalleled, and the learning is effortless. Worth the effort.” Nikita adds. Nikita.


Gaurav was a full-time employee at Bajaj Allianz before joining the famous B-School of India. Gaurav was also a participant in Online CAT courses. His consistent efforts and commitment resulted in him scoring 98.57 percentile, with a total score of 96.31. With a total experience of over 2.5 years working in the finance industry, he has been an excellent professional in his field, which helped him get a good score in the CAT 2020.

Here’s what Gaurav says regarding Percentilers “For the comprehensive way they approach solving a challenge. Percentile is the best option if you wish to increase your problem-solving skills and analysis skills. The mentors here are experts in a wide range of subjects and go the extra mile to achieve their objectives. Their approach to problem-solving is unique and makes all the parts in the exam syllabus simple for you to master. Anyone new to preparation and in need of expert guidance can easily count On Percentilers”.

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