Five tough rules to know when visiting a pub in England!

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Ever had a beer in an English pub on your trip to the UK? Pubs are an integral part of the culture in England. After reading it, you are well equipped for your well-deserved beer in the pub! 

To understand the British, you should visit a pub at least once when you visit the island. However, this can lead to misunderstandings – especially when you are there for the first time. Because what seems so natural – order, pay, drink – sometimes follows some strict and curious rules. So that you can enjoy your visit to the pub without fooling around, we have put together some important behaviors, tips, and information for you.

What actually is a “pub”?

A bar? A pub? An inn? The truth is somewhere in between. “Pub” is the short form of “public house” and traditionally describes a central meeting place of a community, a district, or a ‘parish’ (church district). The Romans brought the idea with them. The pubs developed from the Roman taverns and quickly took on an important role in the collective coexistence.

Today, pubs are primarily a social place where people chat and – of course – drink. The dark wood furnishings and the dim light usually contribute to a cozy atmosphere. If you’re looking for a place where you can quickly get into conversation with locals, the pub around the corner is the best place to go.

How to order beer in the pub

Don’t make it harder for the landlord than it is and save yourself an embarrassing misunderstanding. Beer is pretty much everything in Great Britain. Typical for English “beer” is the ale and lager. Ales are the real English beers, also called bitter – dark to amber-colored, with little carbonic acid and drafted (draft) at a mild cellar temperature. Lager describes industrial and continental light beers.

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Tip: Be sure to ask the landlord for real ale. It is an in-house beer and is mainly brewed from regional raw materials. It couldn’t be more authentic!

In the next step, you should say what size you want. If you do not do this, you will in principle be tapped a pint (0.568l). If you want to take it slow or if you want to try it first, order a half (0.25l). Landlords often offer you a taste first.

“A pint of Abbot Ale, please! – That sounds better already.

You should never break these 5 tough rules in an English pub

  1. You order at the counter, pay and then look for a place to sit. But you are also welcome to stand still!
  2. You always order alone for the whole group at the counter.
  3. You only pick up your drink after you have paid.
  4. You are always polite; you never call the landlord and you do not wave money.
  5. Your order always ends with “please”.

How much should you tip in the pub?

Tipping more than a pound or two is not the norm in a pub. Anything else would be presumptuous and sometimes you could get a critical look from the host. In general, tipping is atypical in pubs. Payments are made to the penny. However, if you find a tip glass or a plate at the counter, you are welcome to leave something “tip”.

If it is a pub with a separate dining area and service, pay attention to the bill: this usually shows the service fee. If this does not happen, you can reward the service with a few pounds (no more than 10%!).

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From this age you can enter a pub in England

As alcohol is served in every pub, guests must be at least 18 years old. If the pub has a separate dining area, younger guests are also allowed to visit the pub – but only when accompanied by an adult!

You should know that before your first visit to the pub

  • There is no longer a statutory curfew. Nevertheless, pubs strictly adhere to their set opening times. Listen to the bell or watch the flickering light – you still have 20 minutes to drink!
  • You will find it difficult or never to find tea in the pub. If you want to enjoy an Earl Gray, go to cafes, restaurants or a tea room.
  • Pubs are strictly non-smoking places. Take your drink outside. You can smoke outside the pub.
  • Don’t expect a menu card. You can find the menu somewhere on the counter, usually hanging on a pillar or wall.
  • Tap water is free. Those who serve alcohol have to offer free tap water. This is anchored in the pub licenses, although there is no legally binding basis for it.

 Don’t want to drink in a Pub or a social setting?

If you are one of those people who likes to drink alone, then don’t fret. England is one of those places where you can get beer delivered to your home by retailers like Beowulf. Not just that, you can also get them for cheap by using beerwulf discount code. While drinking in a pub has its own merits, do not think less of yourself if you like drinking alone. For starters, it’s more peaceful and costs less, after all, you can’t just give beerwulf discount code to a bartender, can you.

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