Five Tips and Tricks for Using Instagram Tags for Business

Instagram Tags

Instagram grows every instant. In 2012, only 9% of Americans were using the social media platform. Now more than 40% of Americans use the site.

In particular, many businesses have started using it. Learning how to advertise on Instagram can help you attract thousands of customers. But before you start an account, you have to learn how to use Instagram tags.

How can you find the best tags to use? How can you come up with an original tag? How can you know that your tags are working?

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Answer these questions and you can develop a successful Instagram account in no time. Here are five tips for using Instagram hashtags.

1. Find Relevant Instagram Tags

A common mistake for Instagram hashtags is to plaster your posts with them. It is okay to attach a bunch of tags to one post.

But all of the tags should be relevant to the post and your business. Do not put a tag on a post just because you think it is funny or popular.

Try to find tags that are relevant to your followers’ interests. Visit different communities and see what tags the members of each community are using.

2. Avoid Banned Hashtags

Instagram bans hashtags with inappropriate words. This includes hashtags that contain swears and epithets. They may also ban a hashtag if content associated with the hashtag is inappropriate or spam.

Search for your hashtags before you use them. If searching for them only turns up top posts, the tags have been banned.

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3. Combine Popular Hashtags With Original Ones

It is okay to create an original hashtag, especially if you plan a series of posts around it. Many Instagram business tips advise making original tags.

But you should not make a post with just one original tag on it. You should attach other tags to it, and at least one of them should be very popular. The intent is to get more Instagram followers, encouraging people who follow the tag to follow your new tag and business.

4. Watch Your Spelling

A typo can make your business appear sloppy and affect how many followers you get for your social media content. But you should also be mindful of how your hashtag is spelled. The boundaries between words may not be clear, so you may spell outswears by mistake.

Write out your tags by hand and read them closely. If you are worried that someone may misread them, you should not use them.

5. Look at Account Insights

Creating an Instagram for business lets you access several tools. Account Insights lets you examine how your hashtags are doing. A few days after you make a post, you should click on the tab and see how many followers you have picked up.

How to Use Instagram Hashtags

Instagram tags help you organize posts and direct users to your account. Find relevant tags by examining communities your followers are in.

Search for your tags before you attach them to your posts. You must avoid banned tags and tags associated with spam content.

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Use original and popular tags on your posts. Make sure the words of your tags have no typos and flow together well. Inspect how your tags are attracting people through Account Insights.

Once you master tags, you can tackle the rest of Instagram. Read more Instagram guides by following our coverage.

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