Five Shirt Boxes Trick to Lure in More Customers

Shirt Boxes

There is no special type of category that we can define as shirt boxes. We can use any box that can give enough protection and exposure to apparel items. The shape and size can adapt to the exact product dimensions. These boxes mostly have a window upfront. Or the complete front panel is left visible for the spectators to get a clear view of the packed item. We can print them with all the necessary information regarding the brand and the product.

We can flaunt washing instructions, fabric care, and material origins in bold fonts on them. With the help of the latest customization options. We can make them as much informative and attractive as we like. We can get these boxes in preset dimensions as well. However, it is most profitable to get them in custom versions.

Attracting more and more customers towards their product. This is the primary motive of every manufacturer when they buy custom packaging. Luckily, the invention of modern ways of packaging. Have enabled us to get custom packs that can compel a purchase from potential buyers. Especially when it comes to shirt boxes, there are numerous cost-effective and practical tips and tricks. That can instigate the onlookers into having a closer look at the packed products. Here we are going to discuss five sure shot tricks. That can turn your product packaging into a magnet for your potential buyers.

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Gift worthy shirt boxes:

The use of packaging for apparel items is not new. But what is new is that some companies have taken it one step further and started using them as an actual gift box for their customers. This makes the customer feel like they are getting a really nice present when in reality, it is just a t-shirt. The idea is to make the customer think that they are getting a fantastic deal on their purchase and for the company.

Who would not want to unwrap an attractive gift? And even more, who would not want to save out on additional gift wrapping costs when their purpose is to gift an apparel item? Using gifting themes on your packaging would increase the amount of attraction your packs generate. And simultaneously, they would also become more practical and multi usable for your purchasers.

Use materials wisely:

You can benefit from this trick if your shirt boxes suppliers are skilled and dedicated enough. Standard materials can give out premium and attractive results. Yes, it is true that you can even turn a regular cardboard box into a luxury pack. Just with the help of proper customization and printing. If you want to give your shirts a premium exterior, packing them on inexpensive boards and enveloping them in flashy laminates is not a must.

Of course, if your budget allows you to spend that much, you are more than welcome to do so. However, the practical thing to do is invest less and gain more. You would want your profit margins to remain on a higher level. For this purpose choosing the right type of material in perspective of the usage of the box is extremely helpful.

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Ergonomic designs work best:

Who would want to spend a minute or so just trying to get an apparel item out of its box? Think of it this way that shirts are supposed to make you comfortable. Especially when we talk about t-shirts, they are comfy ware. So if the packed product is meant for comfort, why make its box an irk to open?

This is why ergonomic and practical designs always work best with buyers. Easy to see, easy to show, easy to sell, and easy to use. If you are getting shirt boxes for the sale of comfort clothing. This trick would do the mantra for you. It is not only time-saving for the buyers. It is also one less worry for the salespersons since they would not have to illustrate what they can visibly see to the customers.

Flaunt your creations:

Thinking about buying a shirt to make a fashion statement is one thing. However, resisting the temptation to buy trendy apparel packed in shirt boxes with clear lids takes a lot of self-control. This is one trick that millions of brands have used since it is almost a sure shot to attract the masses.

Another positive about having clear lids on your apparel packs is the ease of display. These are delicate items that we are talking about. The creases can get uneven. Their fabric can rip or stain, and what not? Clear lid packs help the salesmen avoid all such hazards since they would not have to take each item out of its secure station to display it to potential buyers.

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Give a little extra with your shirt boxes:

People love to get free things. Have you ever noticed how a ship gets crowded the minute it shows a sale sign? This is the exact thing that your product packaging can do as well. If you are looking out to make your boxes unmistakable. Mark them in bold with some souvenir or special offer.

For this reason, you can add in some coupons with perforation that could give the buyer a percentage off of their next purchase. In addition, you can add QR codes for the customers to scan and get bulk discounts. You can also use digital barcodes that could connect your clients to your social media and enable them to get special discounts. 

The tricks that we have mentioned so far for enhancing your shirt boxes do not mark the end of it. The options are many, and also the opportunities are many. Making your packaging undeniable depends on making the right choices according to circumstances. If you think from a broader perspective, keep all the pros and cons of launching a packaging style in the market beforehand. The chances are high that you will soon be looking for shirt boxes wholesale to keep up with your supply demands.