6 Ways to Lower Your Fashion E-commerce Product Return Rate

Fashion E-commerce

Do you realize that around one in every three internet purchases gets eventually returned? Yet the rate of returns in upscale clothes online might be even significantly higher.

Although some businesses attribute these unfavorable numbers to customer habits, the fact seems to be usually in most cases, such returns or exchanges are due to the company’s mistake. It might be because the consumer received the incorrect item, the item looked differently than marketed, or the buyer received a ruined or faulty item.

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Excessive stock returns can eat into profitability, have an impact on customer loyalty, and have an altogether negative effect on business progress.

As a result, here are five of our top recommendations for reducing e-commerce return rates, increasing profitability, and satisfying more consumers:

1. Improve Product Visuals

High-quality photographs may aid in bridging the gap between product actuality and client aspirations. Photographs must include different product viewpoints, 360-degree shots, a magnification option, lifestyle pictures, and, where possible, videos. Every item’s color variant as well as other different versions must be represented via photographs. Consider putting an IG gallery portfolio onto your website in addition to commercial pictures. This aspect will showcase your items being worn or enjoyed by a broader segment of customers.

2. AR or VR trialing

Virtual or 3D fitting rooms are becoming increasingly popular, particularly after the onset of the pandemic. This allows people to try on different sizes, colors, and variants of each cloth and apparel. Hence it eliminates the hassle of taking home different sizes of one item to try on and then returning the ones that do not suit your style, body, or fit.

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If you want to create your own customized virtual fitting room, visit https://3dlook.me/content-hub/how-to-impelement-ar-in-fashion/ to learn more about how AR has impacted the fashion industry.

3. Detailed Product Description

Because buyers cannot handle or touch virtual items, textual product details are essential. A good version will let the buyer practically explore the products using all sensory experiences.

4. Specify Correct Size Data

Cancellations owing to poor fitting are an unavoidable issue in fashionable e-commerce. Since clients cannot try on clothing while purchasing, it is critical to determine measurements precisely and reliably, as well as provide dimensions and label size guides on your website.

5. Get Customer Reviews

Fill out returning questionnaires with details about why consumers are returning their items. Examine customer reviews. By spending some effort and time to identify what is causing the returns, businesses can subsequently solve those problems by completing the following steps: add additional product displays, write better summaries, etc.

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Do You Need Assistance Lowering Your Online Return Rate?

While there will always be consumers who take advantage of liberal return policies, the fact remains that the vast majority of customers would prefer not to deal with returns. The strategies listed above are just a few that e-commerce platforms may use to reduce product returns.

Visit https://3dlook.me/content-hub/reduce-returns-in-fashion-ecommerce/ and learn about the most effective ideas to assist your business in implementing tactics to reduce excessive return rates and enhance earnings.

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