How to Make Your Personal Fashion Stand Out from the Crowd


When you were younger, you would have been forgiven for always wanting the same sneakers, sweaters, toys, and schoolbags as your classmates and friends, with that kind of pack mentality being the safest way to cope with puberty and everything associated with ‘growing up’.

Now, as an adult, it is time to stop allowing societal norms to influence how you dress and. therefore, how you portray yourself to other people, both your loved ones and strangers on the street.

With that being said, continue reading to learn how to make your fashion stand out from the crowd.

Choose Colors That Speak to You

The colors you naturally gravitate to, not just regarding your clothes and accessories choices, but also in the color of the car you choose or the shade of your wallpaper, speak volumes about how you are feeling and your personal energy vibes.

Moreover, as human beings go through a wide range of emotions and can, therefore, feel entirely different day-by-day, start to match the colors and tones of your clothing to how you are feeling that day and how you want to proceed. A classic example of this is the old cliché that you need to ‘dress for the job you want’.

Ignore Trends

Not only do fashion trends never last, which means if you were a dedicated follower of fashion, you would spend a considerable amount of money on a piece only to forget it in the back of your closet next season, but they are also entirely commercial.

There is a myriad of reasons why you should ignore fashion trends entirely, in terms of choosing what styles and items you do like, regardless of whether they are ‘on trend’ or not, such as:

  • Fashion trends do not suit everyone’s body shape.
  • Fashion can be a real strain on your budget.
  • Fashion trends are mass-produced and negate any individuality.
  • Fashion trends come right back around in a circle anyway.
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Don’t Forget Your Accessories

Not only does expressing your identity through your sense of fashion refer to your clothing, but it also means thinking about your accessories too.

Take your smartphone, for example. You can choose a cover which speaks to you, with your favorite mantra or life quote emblazoned on the back, or even one of your most cherished photographs on the cover.

If you are a proud spectacle wearer, then take a look at the extensive and impressively unique range of glasses from reputable and quirky eyewear providers Eyewearhaus, who can find the perfect frames and style to suit your personality and your face.

Never Compromise

Finally, the last important point to make is that, when you have put together an outfit that you feel both comfortable in and one that expresses your personality, even if your close friends and family members only have disparaging words to say about it, you need to ignore them.

It is entirely up to you how you dress, how you look, and how you portray yourself, and you should have fun expressing who you are with your fashion choices.

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