Facts to know before you get central air conditioning done

central air conditioning

Central Air conditioners are not appliances that you can purchase from the stores and install directly in your homes. If you wish to install a centralized air conditioning system, you must gather more information about it and evaluate whether your house is ready for it or not. You must know the mechanism behind it and how to use it with optimum efficiency.

These air conditioners are available in various price ranges, depending on the unit and cooling capacity.

Central air conditioner installation is not a day’s job. You need experts to do the job, especially some HVAC technicians to inspect your home and decide what type of air conditioning is required. There might be infrastructural challenges, but if the technician is experienced enough, he can figure out a way to overcome them.

Centralized air conditioning: factors to consider

The factors that require consideration are –

  • The square foot of the home.
  • The insulation system of the home.
  • The number of windows your home has, including their size and type.
  • The ceiling height of the home
  • The heat releasing appliances and electronic items present in your home
  • The local climate of the place
  • The geographical location of your home
  • The items that surround your home, like buildings and trees, etc.

Several factors can cause your home’s temperature to increase or decrease. Inform your technician if your house has any ductworks or air-heating system. Is there any other provision at your place that supports central air conditioning? Well, the technician should be aware of every technical detail before he starts his air conditioner installation job.

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Make sure the technician should have enough knowledge of HVAC and must be in this field for several years. Inquire about his technical qualifications and work challenges.

Get price quotes from 2-3 technicians, and choose the one who not only knows his job well but provides budget-friendly services too.

Five basic components of an air conditioning unit-

  • AC condenser- The condenser is located near the compressor and as an indispensable part of the outdoor unit. The condenser rejects the heat and keeps the appliance cool.
  • Conditioning compressor- The compressor is located in the outdoor unit, and can make the refrigerant flow.
  • AC evaporator- The conditioning evaporator is located in the indoor unit, and it provides heat to the centralized air units.
  • Copper tubing – The copper tubing binds the components together.

The cycle of refrigeration

When the copper tubing connects the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and expansion device, it is known as the cycle of refrigeration. The cycle transfers and distributes the heat, which makes the area cooler.

Thus, the centralized air conditioning process removes heat from the evaporator and sends it to the condenser located in the outdoor units.

Retrofitting or ductless?

If your home is not centrally air condition ready like if it does not have the ductwork done or have an air heating system, you need to do retrofitting. From heating infrastructure assessment to new duct system installed, retrofit is not as easy as you think. But you can also consider duct-less central air conditioning systems as it is less expensive to install. Additionally, duct-free air conditioning systems allow the homeowner to create and customize cooling zones in various parts of the home, as the temperature of a particular place can be adjusted as per your preferences.  

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Make sure to consider all the vital points before you try to install a central air conditioning system in your house. Cost assessment is a major factor, but there are several other factors to consider.

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