Do You Still Believe in These Air Conditioning Myths?

Air Conditioning Myths

Believing in air conditioning myths may cost you money and prevent you from making the most out of your A/C unit. Some A/C misconceptions may even lead to the need for air conditioning repair service in Gladewater, TX. 

No, a bigger A/C isn’t more efficient. Learn what other air conditioning myths you should stop believing now.

Bigger air conditioning units perform better.

You shouldn’t apply the “the bigger, the better” belief on air conditioning systems. Otherwise, you’ll be having some problems.

When shopping for an air conditioning unit, don’t look into the physical dimension of the A/C. You may think, “But A/C shopping articles suggest that I should consider the A/C size.”  

That’s right. But what those articles mean by A/C size is the system’s cooling capacity. It describes how powerful the unit is.

An air conditioning unit needs to be the proper size to cool your space effectively. If it’s “bigger” or has more cooling capacity than required by the room to be cooled, the unit will likely experience short cycling. 

The A/C will cool your space faster if you set the thermostat at the lowest possible setting.

It won’t. Doing so will just waste more energy. 

The thermostat is actually like a switch for turning the compressor on and off. Setting the thermostat too low or too high won’t make any difference in the speed of the cooling process. The thermostat will just command the compressor to start working until the set temperature is met. So setting the thermostat too low means the compressor will have to work longer to meet your desired temperature. 

You will save energy if you close supply vents in unused rooms.

No, you won’t. 

No matter how many supply vents you close, your air conditioning unit will produce the same amount of cooled air. This means the A/C will consume the same or even more amount of energy as when all vents are open. 

Closing a supply vent will only affect your unit’s efficiency. Your air conditioning unit needs a properly balanced airflow to work properly. Meaning to say, the amount of air the unit takes in should be equal to the amount of air the unit supplies to your room. If you close the vents, the balance will be thrown off, and the unit’s efficiency will be compromised.

Furthermore, the cooled air from your A/C will still push through the vents. It can create increased pressure in the ducts, resulting in air leaks. Air leaks can affect your A/C’s efficiency and increase your electric bills. 

Your A/C doesn’t need routine maintenance.

If you’re okay running the risk of premature system breakdown, faster decline in system efficiency, and frequent repair, skip air conditioning service in Gladewater, TX

If you want to make the most out of your expensive air conditioning unit, don’t be a miser. The additional bucks you spend to have a cooling pro check and tune-up your unit at least once a year will keep your unit performing at its best for a long time. 

The A/C can give you a summer cold. 

Your air conditioning unit and the cold air it blows into your room are not inherently harmful. 

An air conditioning unit just sucks in, cools, and then distributes the air and whatever is in it throughout the room to be cooled. If a virus is present in the air and the A/C has a dirty, low efficient air filter, the virus will likely be circulated indoors. 

So if you catch a summer cold, you just caught the virus. The A/C is not the root cause of the problem. 

Just because people have believed in something, it does not mean it’s the truth. So it’s always important to verify something. A/C misconceptions may just cost you money and comfort. 

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